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TCGAlaska Consulting,
Coaching, and Online
Life Skills School

Decide, Set Goals, Achieve Dreams...Do it Now!

What is Life Coaching?  It is a discipline that assists you in recognizing your goals, developing a plan of action to accomplish those goals, and taking away the excuses to implementing the action plan.  I'm here to stand beside you and provide real time assistance to you achieving your dreams. 

Who generally hires a life coach?

                                    People in a life transition

Successful people

Military, Retired and Active Duty



Lois, Dave, and Michael Sholl

The first session is on me.  Call or email me today to get started.

Lois Sholl                                                    

Don't get consulting and life coaching confused.  Consulting is a field of experts that you hire to perform tasks for you.  As your life coach, you have control over your results.  I'm there to provide guidance, support, and together we will determine how best to achieve your goals.  You get the limelight and the results!



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