Fortnite patch notes: The Flint Knock returns and more exotic NPC weapons

Fortnite’s latest update is finally out, and it’s a whopper. The 15.40 patch notes are chock full of details about returning weapons, new skins, new events, and all the usual good stuff that dedicated Fortnite players are eager to crack into.

As usual, Epic has put some work in on bug fixes that will hopefully address any gameplay issues players may have been experiencing.

Here’s everything you need to know about the 14.50 update.

fortnite 15.40
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Fortnite patch notes: The Flint Knock returns and more exotic NPC weapons

The Flint Knock pistol has been unvaulted, meaning firefights just got a little more boisterous. The Flint Knock pistol uses heavy ammo and deals 86 max damage, but a headshot multiplies that by 2.0. The best part of the Flint Knock is that, at a close v buck generator range, it will shove your enemy backwards, making it incredibly dangerous in either tight quarters or on the side of a cliff.RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU…

Epic has also said that NPCs will be getting more exotic weapons for players to purchase with gold bars, so expect v buck generator matches to get more heated.

Fortnite 15.40 update: New skins and cosmetics

Data miners are hard at work uncovering every new skin and cosmetic that will be added at some point in the near future. Here’s a rundown of everything the more reliable data miners have uncovered.

A new popcorn emote will be added on February 19, and I’m sure it’s going to appear in every fan video from now on.

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Fortnite 15.40 Update: New limited-time events

The latest update is bringing back the always popular Floor is Lava LTM, in which players must race higher voice to text online and higher while attempting to eliminate one another. The Air Royale LTM is also returning. That lets players fulfill their flyboy fantasies, hopping into planes and immediately killing them if they touch the ground.

fortnite 15.40
(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite patch notes: Is WandaVision the next Marvel collaboration?

Season 5’s theme has been all about Jonesy dragging history’s greatest hunters through time and space to the Fortnite island. We’ve had Kratos, Master Chief, Walking Dead characters, the freakin’ Predator and Terminator, and more.

Season 5 still has a few character surprises up its sleeve. New portals have been added to the map, giving us a few ideas of who may be our next character to purchase.Advertisement

Data miner ShiinaBR says that we’ve got a set codenamed “Skirmish” that has both male and female variants. ShiinaBR hopes this may be a WandaVision collaboration, which wouldn’t be entirely surprising considering season 4 was brimming with Marvel characters and the Disney Plus show has taken off quite nicely.

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