How to reduce the pressure of pregnant

During pregnancy, the female body is exposed to increased stress, as it begins to function in an enhanced mode. It is necessary for the proper formation and development of the fetus. And one of the problems that expectant mothers have to face is an increase in blood pressure. Most often this occurs in the middle of pregnancy, that is, in the second trimester. You need to know that this phenomenon in no case can not be ignored, because it can lead to the development of serious consequences for both mother and baby.

Gestosis is a dangerous complication in the second half of pregnancy, so it is also called late toxicosis, which worsens the functioning of the future mother’s kidneys, blood vessels and brain, often proceeds without any symptoms and manifests itself in an increase in pressure.

How do you help a pregnant woman and normalize blood pressure? The main difficulty of the situation is that the majority of medicines whose action is aimed at lowering blood pressure indicators cannot be used during pregnancy. Let’s try to figure out what values ​​are considered a variant of the norm, and what can signal the development of preeclampsia.

What danger is elevated pressure?

From the day the conception took place, the female body begins to function with a double load, and high pressure indicates that some disturbance has occurred. The increase in blood volume in the body of the future mother can lead to the fact that a pregnant woman will increase the pressure. However, when this happens not once, but many times, you should be alert and immediately seek medical help. If you do not do it in time, there may be such a dangerous phenomenon as preeclampsia. This condition lowers heart activity and affects the circulatory system. Swelling of the placenta, which can be caused by preeclampsia, prevents the fetus from obtaining the necessary amount of oxygen. Due to the lack of nutrients, it can lag behind in the formation.

Signs of high blood pressure

To measure the pressure indicators use a special device – a tonometer. However, when it is not possible to measure the pressure in this way, the following signs will help to understand that it has exceeded the norm:

  • malaise;
  • headache;
  • dizziness;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • noise in ears;
  • the appearance of spots on the chest and other parts of the body.

The occurrence of one of the above manifestations should be the basis for immediate treatment of medical care.

Ways to reduce pressure during pregnancy

Increased pressure in the future mother can be normalized in the following ways:

  • use of traditional medicine;
  • drug therapy.

It has already been noted above that not all means that can reduce pressure can be used while carrying a child, and even if pregnancy is not a contraindication, it is possible to take it only under the strict supervision of a doctor. In any case, you need to visit a medical facility as soon as possible.

Drug therapy

Treatment of high blood pressure is preferably carried out in the hospital. At home, you can reduce the performance for a short time to alleviate the condition.

In no case can not engage in self-treatment, it will only harm the baby. After the doctor has prescribed the medication, the therapy should be carried out to the end, without interrupting it. Only by carefully observing the doctor’s prescriptions can one achieve the desired effect.

In most cases, the expectant mother is strongly recommended to go for hospitalization. Here, taking into account her condition, they will conduct a full treatment and determine an individual plan of birth.

In some cases, women in the position assigned the most harmless tool – Papazol. In addition, herbal remedies will have a beneficial effect – valerian or motherwort.

To make the clinical picture more complete, additional diagnostic procedures will be assigned – urine and blood tests, ultrasound and other examinations, with which you can choose the appropriate method of reducing pressure.

Day routine and nutrition

If the pressure of the expectant mother has increased slightly, then it can sometimes be reduced to a normal level without medication.

Of course, sound and healthy sleep is the basis of health. We must remember this.

Normalize the pressure values ​​during pregnancy by adjusting the diet as follows:

  • Reduce to a minimum or completely eliminate the use of fatty and salty foods.
  • Remove from the diet products that increase the pressure – coffee, black tea, chocolate.
  • Give up all bad habits (alcohol, cigarettes).

To prevent an increase in pressure or to help it reduce the following means:

  • Birch juice;
  • beets and juice from it;
  • cranberry juice;
  • beet-carrot salad, seasoned with butter;
  • weakly brewed tea with lots of lemon;
  • pumpkin with honey (finely chopped pumpkin -200 grams, boiled over low heat, mixed with honey);
  • douche and walk in the fresh air.

Folk remedies

Normalize the indicators will help and popular recipes. Some remedies for improving the condition at elevated pressure:

  1. Healing infusion. To prepare the tool, you need to take one large spoonful of berries of viburnum and wild rose, which should be chopped. Add the same amount of motherwort, linden and calendula. Pour one and a half cups of boiling water. Insist in a warm place for two hours and strain. Drink ½ cup three times a day after meals. Therapy is conducted by courses at least six weeks. As a rule, after this time the pressure returns to normal.
  2. To reduce the pressure of the future mother will help cranberry juice. In addition, it will strengthen its immunity. It is necessary to add 80 ml of honey to 100 ml of drink. Drink remedy 2-3 times a day for dessert spoon. The course of therapy is 14-21 days. After this period of time, a noticeable improvement will come. Cranberries contain a huge amount of useful elements that are necessary for the proper development of the fetus.
  3. Good help from high pressure dill. Seeds of this plant must be carefully grind. 2

Products that cause pressure in the future mother to normal – beets, garlic, persimmon, mint, green tea.

How to reduce the pressure of pregnant

Before using folk remedies to combat high blood pressure, you should consult a doctor. Products that cause an allergic reaction should not be used. They will not be able to stabilize the pressure, but they will lead to other problems.

How to help a pregnant woman with a pressure surge

  1. Place it in a horizontal position so that the head is above the body. If the woman has not lost consciousness, she can take a half-sitting position.
  2. To ensure admission to the premises of fresh recreation, you must open the window. To prevent a woman from freezing, you need to cover her with a blanket.
  3. If previously a pregnant woman was taking medication that lowers blood pressure, you can give it to her. A new tool can not be offered, since it is not known how a woman’s body will react to it.

When should I seek medical help?

To visit a gynecologist, who is registered with a pregnant woman, she must constantly, following the established schedule, and if she feels worse. The basis for seeking medical assistance may be any complaints – cramps, pain, insomnia, depression, and more. If the doctor offers hospitalization, do not give up on it.

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