Best mouse pad for gaming in 2021

Best mouse pad for gaming in 2021

If you’ve got your hands on the best gaming mouse, its super-accurate sensor, high DPI, and slippery PTFE feet are nothing without a quality surface to move it on. Sure, your dinar chronicles rodent can track without a dedicated mat underneath it, but movement won’t be smooth and it could cost you the round, which is why purchasing the best gaming mouse pad is just as important as picking the best gaming headset.

It doesn’t have to be a boring buy, either, with plenty of sizes to choose from, RGB lighting that syncs with other hardware in your setup, unique designs on the surface, different materials that affect how quickly your mouse glides, and even ones that wirelessly charge your rodent so you never have to plug it in again.

We’ve got an option for you no matter your budget or brand, from SteelSeries to Logitech to Razer. Whether you’re going for our favourite low-cost mat, or an RGB-clad mouse pad that costs more than a budget gaming mouse, we’ll make sure you get a great swiping experience.

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