Slimming proteins

A healthy lifestyle and athletic fit figure are at the peak of popularity. Incredible diets are developed, all sorts of newest forms of fitness are promoted.

Useful properties of proteins for the body

In order not to get confused in countless information and approach the issue of healthy eating wisely, it is important to clearly understand what products are and what components they consist of. Protein – a key element that plays an important role in weight loss.

Slimming proteins

Squirrels (or proteins) are organic matter, created by high-molecular interaction of alpha-amino acids, which are a chain based on peptide bonds. Which products are among the proteins listed below in the "Table for weight loss."

Proteins in the body, in fact, a key building element.

It is impossible to overestimate their importance, because they perform the following functions:

  • actually create new cells taking the most active part in the process of cell synthesis;
  • supply all organs and tissues of vital vitamins, minerals and lipids;
  • amino acids constituent proteins, activate metabolic processes and help the production of hemoglobin by participating in the formation of red blood cells and certain hormones;
  • form general immunity;
  • stimulate brain activity;
  • strengthen not only internal organs, but also hair, nails.

The primary role of proteins is the regeneration of any tissue in the body. Therefore, they are the first assistants for athletes and people with increased physical exertion. It is proteins that restore damaged muscle fibers during workouts, maintain a healthy amount of muscle.

Note! Proteins are involved in the synthesis of about 30 different amino acids, 22 of which are not produced in the body independently, therefore, proteins are their only sources.

The overall effect of proteins on the body:

  • maintaining a normal growth rate in children;
  • ensuring the full functioning of the liver and gastrointestinal tract;
  • hormonal stabilization;
  • normalization of the functioning of the heart and blood vessels;
  • maintaining endurance and working capacity;
  • avitaminosis exception.

Is it possible to eat only proteins

Moderation is the main principle of a healthy lifestyle. Any nutritionist will say that eating only one type of food, even the most proper one, will do more harm than good. The sense of proportion must be both in use and in limiting anything.

For weight loss, only the use of protein products is very popular, but proteins are such substances, the excess of which in the body is not able to be deposited on a “rainy day”; they must be recycled.

What difficulties it brings to the body are presented in the table.

Refusal to take fats and carbohydrates leads to a sharp deterioration in mood, because proteins are not able to synthesize serotonin – the hormone of happiness.

Another unpleasant aspect of pure protein nutrition is stale breath, caused by increased burning of internal fats, accompanied by the aroma of acetone. Plus, problems with digestion and emptying the intestines add to the breath of rot.

Slimming proteins

With a mono diet based on taking only proteins, there is a significant threat to the rapid return of weight after restoring the usual diet.

Animal and vegetable foods rich in protein

What proteins are these foods?

Table for weight loss and for sports nutrition, leading to the richest in protein foods, will necessarily contain 2 main categories:

  • proteins from plant foods;
  • animal squirrels.

The first group includes vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds and mushrooms. Their significant advantage is their low fat content with a high level of fiber. The leader in protein content is soy, followed by peanuts, sunflowers, lentils, peas and white beans.

Important to remember! Bean cultures and nuts do not belong to dietary products, possessing high caloric content.

The animal group of proteins, of course, is meat. This game, and poultry, and cattle. Dairy products: from milk directly to cheese are also a source of a large number of animal proteins. This also includes eggs and fish.

Foods with animal protein are much better digested than vegetable, but contain high levels of fat.

Protein diet, its features

Note! Whatever foods make up a diet, would not be limited to a table for weight loss, the body needs all the elements. These are proteins, and vitamins, and fats, and acids, and carbohydrates!

There is a myth that a protein diet is a holiday for a gourmet when you eat your fill and lose weight. But everything is not so simple, there are pitfalls.

Key moments of the diet:

  1. Reducing carbohydrate intake and enhanced nutrition of protein foods. This is the main "chip" diet! The body is no longer provided with the usual energy from food and is forced to produce it from internal reserves — years of accumulated fat. There is a complete redistribution of metabolic processes: to maintain vital activity, not external but internal fats are burned.
  2. Lack of hunger. Proteins are products that are presented in the table of nutrition, for those who dream of losing weight, which obviously do not cause hunger. Protein diet does not imply restrictions on the amount of protein consumed: you can eat often, plentifully, though without overeating.
  3. Lack of sudden changes in appetite. If glucose is reduced from carbohydrates, especially with simple sugars (buns, rolls), then the hormone insulin is practically not produced, which keeps sugar at a constant level. This insures a person against a sharp desire to eat.
  4. The time limit is no more than 2 weeks. Such nutrition is unnatural for the human body, dramatic changes in the work of the digestive system begin very quickly, and there is an acute shortage of carbohydrates. “Body drying” occurs, when subcutaneous fat splits, and under intense loads, muscle relief is formed. But the liver and kidneys are paying for a beautiful body, trying to cope with excess protein.

Why you can lose weight on a protein diet

The main engine of weight loss is not an excess of proteins, but the absence of carbohydrates:

Slimming proteins

  1. Failure from the consumption of carbohydrates, the body stops accumulating excess fluid and removes the existing surplus.
  2. Slimming occurs due to the burning of internal fat reserves due to the lack of energy in the absence of carbohydrates.
  3. Body more energy is required for digestion of protein foods, respectively, an additional source of energy appears.

Squirrels (these are what foods): slimming table

For convenience, the formation of a protein diet, in tabular form presents the main products – sources of protein. In the first form, animal proteins are considered.

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