Slimming with cinnamon

Dear readers, today I want to continue the conversation about cinnamon. We have already found out that this spice is not only pleasant as a spice, but also very useful for our body. For anyone who wants to learn about the beneficial properties of cinnamon, I invite you to read my article Cinnamon. Beneficial features. Contraindications.

And now I will tell you about those properties of cinnamon that will surely interest many women, and some men, perhaps, too. We talk about cinnamon for weight loss, about our harmony. I think this topic is particularly relevant in the summer, when we remember our figure much more often. Summer heat, swimsuit time and open clothes obliges. And I’m sure each of us would like to boast a slim silhouette.

There are a lot of ways to lose weight, so you can choose what suits the rhythm of life, beliefs, financial condition, and just desire. But especially, perhaps, we appreciate those that require a minimum of effort from us, right? Of course, the "magic wand" does not exist and for any result you need to do something. But losing weight, it turns out, can be not exhausting, but quite comfortable. You can also recommend doing yoga for weight loss. You can choose such classes in groups, you can do it yourself at home, you can watch videos and do such exercises together. Practice yoga and be harmonious in all its forms!

Slimming with cinnamon. Why is it effective?

The allegations that cinnamon is good for weight loss are based on a study of the beneficial properties of cinnamon by scientists. As a result of such studies, it became known that:

  1. Cinnamon reduces the level of glucose in the blood, normalizes insulin production. As you know, our extra pounds are often the consequences of excessive glucose accumulation. But regular use of cinnamon helps our body to properly and effectively absorb this very sugar so that it does not turn out to be superfluous for our figure. Plus, the blood glucose level is normal and cinnamon is very useful for type 2 diabetics. Pay special attention to this.
  2. Cinnamon promotes proper metabolism, activates the metabolism, and normalizes the digestive tract. With the use of cinnamon, the intestines receive the necessary stimulation, without burdening our body with unnecessary clusters. And for weight loss well-established metabolism – one of the primary conditions.
  3. Cinnamon dulls the feeling of hunger, saturates and reduces appetite for a long time. And this, you see, also affects the rate of weight loss.

Slimming with cinnamon

What to take into account when you decide to use cinnamon for weight loss?

  • See all contraindications. Very often we miss these subtleties. I wrote about everything in detail here
  • It is best to use cinnamon in chopsticks for recipes, not ground.
  • Follow the dosage. To be very wise in this matter. The daily rate of ground cinnamon is considered acceptable for about half a teaspoon, not more.
  • Cooking recipes is best for the day. Do not keep everything. Apply everything as they did during this day.
  • Be wise, if you want to lose weight, read also all the tips from me in the article How to effectively lose weight?

Cinnamon for weight loss. Recipes and reviews.

Cinnamon with honey for weight loss.

How cinnamon in combination with honey helps for weight loss, I told in the article Cinnamon with honey – a sweet couple for weight loss. I will not just repeat here. For all who are interested in such recipes, I invite you to read this article. Everything is very, very effective. The main thing is to take everything in the system and not lose wisdom. The article caused you a lively interest, and many decided to take advantage of the recipes that I proposed. Judging by your reviews, honey-cinnamon method of losing weight you liked. I hope you remember how to make a drink based on cinnamon and honey for weight loss. And today I want to introduce you to a few more recipes and ways to use cinnamon for our harmony.

Cinnamon Slimming Recipes

The easiest way is to add cinnamon straight in the dry form to the consumed dishes. It can be soup, lean meat, cottage cheese and anything else. Is that with baking cinnamon is unlikely to benefit in terms of losing weight. So eat fragrant cinnamon buns just for enjoyment, keeping the claims to the waist away. You can add cinnamon in the juice – about a quarter of a teaspoon per glass. Below are some examples with specific recipes.

Slimming with cinnamon

Slimming tea with cinnamon

The recipe is pretty simple. In the teapot where you make tea (I’ll emphasize that it should be natural pure green or black tea without flavors), add a teaspoon of cinnamon or one to two or three cinnamon sticks. It all depends on the size of the kettle and on your preferences.

If you add crinkle in the powder, then be prepared and calmly relate to this, that tea will be a little unclear. This is normal. Brew and eat, as usual. You can dilute this tea with boiling water. If you want to soften the taste, you can add some milk to the tea. This tea with cinnamon is very useful to drink with type 2 diabetes.

Videorecept of cinnamon tea

Coffee with cinnamon for weight loss

Avid coffee lovers can also lose weight with the help of cinnamon, adding it to your favorite drink. The combination of cinnamon and coffee is not only effective fat burning effect. It turns out that cinnamon can alleviate the excessive nervous excitement that usually appears after consuming caffeine.

I want to add that, using tea or coffee with cinnamon, it is better to forget about sugar. First, the sugar will level the effect of cinnamon, and secondly, it only hinders the real taste and good combination of the drink.

The recipe for making coffee with cinnamon is the same as tea.

How to make coffee with cinnamon in the Turk?

For a little Turks take a teaspoon of coffee, (of course, it is better to use better quality coffee) who likes sugar, you can add 1 spoon of sugar (better than cane, brown), add 1/3 ¼ spoon of cinnamon, pour it with cold water, mix everything, put on a slow fire and wait until boiling.

If you do everything with instant coffee, make yourself instant coffee and add cinnamon in about the same proportion. Someone else likes a bud of carnations to add.

Kefir and cinnamon for weight loss

On one glass of low-fat kefir add one teaspoon of cinnamon. Drink better in the morning on an empty stomach. And if you add a small pinch of red pepper to this drink, you can activate the metabolism.

Another delicious and healthy cocktail based on kefir and cinnamon: take 3-4 apples without peel and chop them in a blender or grate them on a fine grater. Add to the resulting mash a glass and a half nonfat kefir and a teaspoon of cinnamon. Delicious cocktail ready. By the way, on fasting days, kefir with cinnamon for weight loss is good to use for breakfast or dinner. Both useful and pleasant.

Ginger and Cinnamon Slimming

Another seasoning that is famous for its good weight reduction effect is ginger. We talked about it in more detail in the article Tea with Ginger for Weight Loss It is quite logical that you can combine two spices in order to become slimmer. Eat and cinnamon, and ginger in this case is better ground – in powder form. The point is that one spice successfully complements the other and together they work as fat burners and activate metabolic processes. This is the efficiency squared.

Use a combination of cinnamon with ginger for weight loss can again in different forms. Or simply adding to your favorite dishes (especially good in soups, steamed veal, fish), or preparing drinks – ginger tea with cinnamon, tea with the addition of cinnamon powder and ginger, kefir, juice.

Cinnamon Slimming Wrap Recipes

It turns out that cinnamon powder can not just be added to food in order to burn all the excess from the inside. Outside, it can also be consumed. The effectiveness of this procedure will confirm its relevance and popularity in beauty salons. But, knowing the recipes, it is quite possible to carry out such a procedure at home.

1. Wrap honey + cinnamon

Mix honey and cinnamon in a ratio of 1: 3 (for example, 3 tablespoons of honey – 1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder). First, heat the honey a little in a water bath literally to room temperature. Mix the ingredients well and apply on the prepared areas of the body (most often it is the hips, buttocks, stomach). Wrap the area with cling film and insulate from above. Hold for half an hour, rinse with warm water.

2. Wrapping cosmetic clay + cinnamon

Cosmetic clay can be obtained at the pharmacy, we need one bag. Dilute clay powder in warm water to a consistency, resembling sour cream in density. Add 3 teaspoons of cinnamon and half a teaspoon of vegetable oil. Mix well and apply to problem areas, wrapping the top with a film and wrapping it additionally. Hold for about 30 minutes and wash off.

Immediately I warn you: cinnamon wraps are a warming procedure. So it can not be done to pregnant women or those who suffer from thrombophlebitis, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension.

Of course, only the use of cinnamon will not give stunning results. However, the use of these recipes against the background of proper nutrition and at least minimal physical activity can bring quite an effective effect. So I wish you lose weight sensibly, tasty and healthy.

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I wish you all health, beauty, slimness, good mood and everything that you want to fill your soul. Do not forget to fill it. It is so important for life.

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