Striped diet reviews

The problem of overweight puzzles almost all modern women. In an effort to have perfect forms, many of them starve themselves, turning into nervous and dull creatures and sacrificing their health. As a result, quickly dropped pounds, also quickly come back, and all efforts are in vain. But how to be? Is there a true path to a beautiful body?

According to many nutritionists, for a long time to lose weight can only be by adhering to a balanced diet. One of these harmless ways to lose weight is the striped diet.

The name “striped” does not mean that the diet menu includes striped foods (watermelon or Yalta onions). Not at all. The striped diet got its name because of its main principle – the alternation of normal food with fasting days on kefir.

Kefir striped diet: lose weight without starving!

A striped diet is considered to be one of the most loyal, effective and easy diet programs that do not involve a long rejection of the usual diet and do not cause risks associated with prolonged starvation or monotonous diet. With proper dietary compliance, 3–8 kilograms of excess weight are lost in 2–4 weeks, bringing with them slimness and attractiveness to the weaker sex. In addition to effective weight loss, striped dietary technique allows you to improve the condition of the hair and skin, improve metabolism and gain a feeling of lightness.

Striped diet reviews

As mentioned earlier, striped kefir diet for weight loss involves the alternation of unloading kefir days with regular meals. On fasting days it is allowed to use such products as: low-fat kefir, water without gas, green apple and green tea. The daily rate of kefir (2 liters) is recommended to be divided into 5-6 receptions and drink it throughout the day. Water should be drunk as much as possible, sometimes replacing it with green tea without sugar. An apple should be consumed only with a strong feeling of hunger, but it is better to do without it at all. Such a fasting day allows the body to burn old fat reserves and lose weight accordingly.

The menu of ordinary days does not contain any significant restrictions. You can eat according to your usual diet, however, to achieve a more visible result, you should still reduce the use of sweet, flour and fat. Alcohol in the diet process is also better not to use. All food must be eaten often, but in small portions.

The secret of the striped diet is that it kind of deceives the body, not letting it starve for one day and not causing it significant stress. Consequently, the next normal day the body will not break down, and require even more food. As a result, you lose weight one day, and another simply do not gain extra pounds. Thus, there is a smooth weight loss, without prolonged hunger strikes and bullying of their health. The result, of course, will not be instant, but the lost kilograms will not return again, which cannot be guaranteed by a strict diet.

Kefir – magic wand for weight loss

As you already understood, kefir is the main dish of the fasting day. Why precisely kefir? And because this product has a number of undeniable advantages. It contributes to the prevention and treatment of various body disorders, helps to get rid of excess weight, has a calming effect and a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin. Kefir, drunk at night, provides a peaceful and sound sleep. Constant use of this product helps to cleanse the body of toxins, slags, sodium salts and excess fluid, strengthens the immune system, normalizes metabolism and the bowels. Lactic acid bacteria present in kefir prevent putrefaction and prevent the growth of pathogenic intestinal microflora. That is why kefir is an indispensable component of the majority of prophylactic and health-improving diets and is even sometimes called the “cure for old age”.

Kefir diet striped: tighten the belt!

To achieve a more significant result, the striped diet may be slightly modified. A stricter version of the "striped" weight loss is different diet on normal days and involves limiting the calorie content of meals on such days up to 1500 calories and exclusion from the diet of alcohol and heavy foods. A sample menu for a typical day of such a diet may look like this.

Breakfast: 150 grams of oatmeal on the water, 100 grams of cottage cheese or 1 cup of low-fat kefir.

Second breakfast: 1 apple and 5 almond nuts.

Lunch: a plate of vegetable soup without fried, cereals and pasta, 150 grams of boiled meat with vegetable salad or stewed cabbage.

Lunch: 150 grams of cottage cheese and 1 peach, tea or cocoa on the water.

Dinner: 150 grams of lean fish with vegetables, with the exception of potatoes.

Striped diet: reviews and results

Striped kefir diet is fairly well tolerated and gives good results. This method of losing weight can not only gradually reduce weight, but also normalize metabolic processes in the body. As evidenced by the numerous reviews of women losing weight by this method, the striped diet on kefir allows you to throw off from 3 to 8 kilograms, depending on the menu of ordinary days and physical activity throughout the entire process of losing weight.

The fair sex characterizes diet as a general health remedy that helps not only lose weight and get rid of toxins, but also improve the condition of the hair, cleanse the skin and get a beautiful manicure. Proper dieting does not cause any significant difficulties, does not create stress for the body and does not force starvation. Especially easy to diet is transferred to the hot summer months, when the desire to drink exceeds the need for food, and on the shelves is replete with a variety of low-calorie fruits and vegetables.

Underwater rocks

Striped diet has a huge number of advantages, however, like all modern diets, it does not do without contraindications. This method of losing weight is not suitable for people with high acidity of the stomach, or suffering from any chronic diseases. "Striped" menu is contraindicated in both pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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