Epic was known for creating one of the most popular video game engines in the world

Before it released its megahit game Fortnite, Epic was known for creating one of the most popular video game engines in the world, which serves as the backbone of countless games you love: the Unreal Engine. While Fortnite is defined by its cartoony-meme violence, the Unreal Engine has been celebrated for pushing the bounds of visual realism.

And now, Epic is sharing its latest breakthrough on its engine with a feature called MetaHumans. MetaHumans are highly convincing, completely digital people. The twist? While high-end digital characters can require a month or more to create, an artist using MetaHumans can construct them in mere minutes.https://www.youtube.com/embed/S3F1vZYpH8c?feature=oembed

In the video above, you can see just how convincing the MetaHumans look. Their skin ranges from porcelain to freckled to wrinkled, sun-weathered leather. When they speak, their lips don’t appear to pop out from the model (as so many artificially generated faces do) but are clearly connected to the skin and muscles through free v buck generator no verification the entire face. And each individual figure simply looks splendid regardless of where it falls on the spectrum of gender or race—an equal amount of attention has been paid to any type of protagonist you’re looking to create. In fact, a spokesperson tells us that Epic is able to generate such a diversity of faces because it’s actually scanned people’s faces from around the world, integrating the data (blended and anonymously) into this tool.

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