Fortnite fans have flocked to social media to give their two cents on Season 6

  • Fortnite fans have flocked to social media to give their two cents on Season 6 – and feedback is overwhelmingly positive.One player wrote: “Okay so I think that season 6 of chapter 2 is such a cool season, one of the best in my opinion.“I love the fact that you can ride boars and wolves it’s crazy and the crafting mechanic is awesome. Amazing job Fortnite!”Another said: “I just want to say on the behalf of the Fortnite community this season is by far the best one yet.“So many new things, it’s unbelievable. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for Fortnite. Keep up the good Fortnite Team!”
  • ADDED WILDLIFE CAN BE TAMEDThe new Fortnite update has added wildlife’ creatures that roam the island which you can actually tame.Some of the prey is harmless, like the humble chicken.But you’ll also find fearsome tusked v buck generator boars, and even “vicious predatory wolves”.You’ll be tasked with hunting or taming this wildlife to “live off the land”
    And it’s also useful to gather materials for crafting.But Epic Games warns: “Though wolves may roam, the most fearsome predators have yet to hatch.”
  • NEW FORTNITE SEASON NOW INCLUDES LARA CROFT AND RAVEN SKINSThe latest season of Fortnite has launched with a barrage of new skins.The game continues to blur the lines between real and virtual worlds by including Brazilian football player Neymar Jr. as a usable skin, Newsbytes reports.Other famous pop culture skins included in the new season are Lara Croft and Raven from Teen Titans.
  • FORTNITE REMAINS BANNED FROM APPLE’S APP STOREWant to play the new update on iPhone? You’re out of luck.Fortnite is still banned from the iPhone’s App Store.It’s linked to a long-running legal dispute that began last year, when Epic Games tried to dodge Apple’s 30% app commission.Ever since, Fortnite has been unobtainable on iPhone – at least through legitimate means.And even if you still have Fortnite installed on your iPhone, you’ll be locked out of the latest update.

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