How to make a Christmas tree with your own hands

Volumetric snowflakes do it yourself

(for children from 6-7 years old and adults)

Materials: double-sided colored paper or wrapping paper, stapler or office double-sided tape 10 mm wide, scissors. For children, in addition – a ruler and a simple pencil.

Step 1. Cut 6 identical squares. For a 24 cm snowflake, you need to take squares with a side of 10 cm. For a large snowflake, take squares with a side of 20 cm.

Step 2. Bend the square diagonally in half. Make scissors cuts as shown in the photo and in the video. Make such cuts on all six squares. It is very important that the distance between the cuts be the same!

Adults can make cuts without marking. Children must first draw the incision lines with a pencil along the ruler, and then carry them out. Young children can be given pre-prepared parts with lines of cuts drawn on them.

Step 3. Run a ray of snowflakes. Fold the corners inwards and glue them one to the other. Then turn the snowflake over to the other side (glued together with the corners down) and glue the next couple of corners. Continue to turn the snowflake and fasten the corners until the whole beam is ready.

It is convenient to fasten the corners on a large snowflake with a stapler, on a 24 cm snowflake with double-sided tape. To do this, cut a small piece of tape and attach it to one corner. Then we remove the protective film from the tape and stick the second corner on the tape. Corners fastened.

Step 4. When all 6 beams are completed, connect the three beams together, holding them together. Then join together the three other beams. Collect a snowflake by connecting the two halves of it with each other.

Step 5. Bind the rays of the snowflakes to each other at the points where they touch.

Step 6. Make a loop of thread and hang the finished snowflake.

How to make a Christmas tree with your own hands

In more detail you can see the whole process of making a volumetric snowflake in this video.

How to make jewelry with your own hands:

snowflakes from the “accordion” (for children from 5 years and older).

Materials and tools: double-sided colored paper, scissors, stapler or stationery double-sided tape 1 cm wide, decorative elements to decorate the middle of a snowflake.

Step 1. Cut a square out of paper. His side must be at least 15 cm,

Fold the square “accordion”. The width of the “accordion” is about 1 cm – 2 cm (depending on the size of the square).

If you want to make an openwork snowflake, then you need to make cuts on the “accordion” – loops, hearts, circles, diamonds or any other according to your desire.

Step 2. Fold the resulting “harmonica” exactly in the middle. This can be done with a stapler or by sewing it with a needle and thread. In this step, children will need help from adults.

Step 3. Expand the part. It will turn out “butterfly”.

Step 4. Connect the “butterfly” in a semicircle, holding the two sides together with tape or tape.

Step 5. Prepare the second same part. Connect two semicircles into a snowflake. In the middle of the snowflake, glue a decorative element or a small white snowflake with a double-sided tape. Tie a loop. Decoration is ready!

Snowflake patterns. Hexagonal and octagonal snowflakes.

Traditional snowflakes are hexagonal. There are two ways to fold paper when making them. They are shown in two photos below.

Having prepared the blank for the snowflake in any of these two ways, we begin to cut the pattern. It is important that in no case can not be cut the fold of a snowflake, otherwise it will fall apart!

It is very interesting to invent new snowflakes and patterns on them. I usually do not look at the scheme, and children also like to invent their own snowflakes. They are wondering what happens when such an incomprehensible blank unfolds. And then – a miracle! – beauty comes out.

How to make a Christmas tree with your own hands

Here are a few adult ideas – cut out snowflakes. These schemes are not intended for children’s creativity, but you can learn new ideas and new elements from them! After all, very often we. adults. We “dwell” on one template, on “favorite” frequently repeated elements. And so new ideas are always welcome!

Choosing a snowflake pattern, you need to pay attention to how much rays there will be in the finished snowflake. And in accordance with this and fold the paper. How to fold the paper to make a hexagonal snowflake, you already know. And how you fold the paper to make the eight-ray snowflakes you will see in this children’s video – the “Rendered” program.

If you make snowflakes with several children of different ages or with a group of kids, then you can combine all the works into a single composition. It may be. for example, the mobile to which the snowflakes are attached. You can lay out a contour of a figure (for example, a Christmas tree) from snowflakes or even lay out silhouettes of Christmas figures from snowflakes. Here are some ideas for New Year’s design.

Quilling – snowflakes.

Implementation schemes and technology for adults and children.

Quilling (paper filigree, paper-twisting) is the art of making compositions from twisted paper strips. Quilling has existed for many centuries, and is now acquiring a new birth. The name Quilling was given by his story — a goose feather was used to curl paper. In English, the feather sounds like a quill, hence the word quilling – quilling.

How to make a Christmas tree with your own hands

Snowflakes made in the technique of quilling are very durable, keep their shape well, they are easy to store, and they will serve you for more than one year, delighting you and the children!

In this introductory video, children will show you what is needed for quilling and how to twist paper strips correctly. You will also see how you can do without special tools for quilling and what they can be replaced with.

Did you like and wanted to try it yourself? Then for you a detailed video on how to make snowflakes using the quilling technique.

And here are some examples of snowflakes in the technique of quilling. I am sure that you and your children will come up with many of their schemes! After all, just like the letters of the alphabet make quite different phrases, and from the same bricks – various houses, so from paper elements you can make a huge number of different snowflakes!

I wish you all inspiration and success! More about the New Year holidays you can read in the articles:

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