Hardspace: Shipbreaker’s biggest-ever update introduces your crew

Hardspace: Shipbreaker’s biggest-ever update introduces your crew

We’ve been enjoying the blue-collar hussle of Hardspace: Shipbreaker since it entered Early Access last summer, and now there’s even more about the sci-fi job simulation game to like. The latest update, dubbed ‘Salvage Your Future,’ fills out Shipbreaker’s story with four new voiced crewmates. The update also revamps the tutorial process and the progression system, and developer Blackbird Interactive says it’s the biggest one to date.

The first thing you’ll probably notice when you boot up Hardspace: Shipbreaker post-update is that your progress has been reset. The entire progression system has been v buck generator reworked, and certifications that unlock new ships and gear are now tied to ‘mastery points.’ You’ll earn these by filling up a meter at the top of the screen called ‘Salvage Goals,’ and every bit of scrap you send for recycling or incineration adds to the total.

Don’t fret too much about losing progress, because certification ranks 1 through 7 now have a new campaign story to accompany them. You’ll be meeting four fellow crewmembers who will provide some additional colour for Shipbreaker’s dystopian sci-fi world.

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