Belching rotten eggs treatment of folk remedies
Belching or aerophagy (from the English. Air swallowing) – the release of air accumulated
Epicondylitis of the Knee Joint
Knee epicondylitis is a disease of the epicondyles of the knee of inflammatory nature,
Antibiotics against antritis
Sinusitis often occurs as a complication of a viral or bacterial infection. When pathogens
Inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary organs bring a lot of unpleasant and sometimes even
Drugs for menopause of hot flashes
When a woman begins such a period of hormonal adjustment of the body, such
Sore leg below the knee in front
treatment of joints and spine Diseases Arozroz Arthritis Ankylosing spondylitis Bursitis Dysplasia Sciatica Myositis
Baikal skullcap tablets
Syn .: scythe, scytwalka, juvenile flower of the East, scutellaria, skullcap, mother liquor, huang-qin,
Antibiotics for coughing in adults
Cough antibiotics are those drugs that help get rid of cough and eliminate other
Hernia in newborn photos
An umbilical hernia is a subcutaneous protrusion in the region of the umbilical ring.
Compatibility of blood types of men and women
# Man and woman I blood type A man with the first group of
Mpv blood test increased
Human blood includes many different cells (shaped elements), and they all perform certain functions.
Why there are no periods after childbirth
After giving birth and separating the placenta, about 300 ml of blood flow out,
Herpes nose photo
A variety of plant-allergens are quite common throughout the world. About 700 species are
How long is abdominal surgery to remove the gallbladder
Removal of the spleen often becomes inevitable, but it is possible to live a
Dermatitis on the leg
Ointment under the name Methyluracil produced by different manufacturers. There are no synonyms. Average