Complete removal of alcohol from the body for 21 days

In the article, I will tell you where to start losing weight, giving you step-by-step instructions.

Motivate you to this action – I will not.

Want to stay in the ass – stay, for God’s sake)).

Who is real Р-Е-А-Л -Ь-Н-О ready to reincarnate and change your body, burn fat, removing the sides, abdomen, etc., problem areas and get relief / tone – you are welcome.

What determines the success of losing weight?

The success of losing weight depends on the right: nutrition (diet) + regular

However, due to endless human stupidity, the “gurus”, the media, the lack of education in the area of ​​rewriting / copywriting, etc., most people are very misinformed.

Therefore, before you begin to talk about how to start losing weight, I must tell you about the wrong processes of losing weight (

№1. Want to lose weight ?! Stop eating!

This is probably the most common myth in the world …

Many people have formed a certain erroneous worldview: WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT = STOP EATING. However, fortunately, this does not work and does not produce results …

When the body is starving – the metabolism is disturbed (slows down) = as a consequence of fat burning, too, until it stops completely.

The fact is that when a person receives little or no food at all, and this happens when a person sharply and to the maximum limits calorie intake, there is a strong STRESS for our body,

As a result, the body begins to help your survival, for this it slows down the flow of all metabolic reactions in the body so that your fat reserves will last for a longer time (helps you survive). Do you understand?

Your body (organism) does not know that you are “CENSORED”, who decided to lose weight)).

The juice, you know what? All that is lost in this

BUT neither as not fat! What is your task? Right. Remove fat. Draw conclusions.

And people who do not understand, are on the scales (at first) and are happy that they threw 2-3 + kg there, however, a maximum week passes, and all these shamanistic dances stop working ..

The arrow on the scales treacherously)) freezes, and your “weight loss” is over.

I am already silent about the fact that if I long to starve without sensible (to no avail) hunger myself, the chances of fainting, poor health, weakness, dizziness and

But! In most cases, this does not reach for the self-preservation instinct has not been canceled.

The body will not allow you, roughly speaking, “to commit suicide” by your artificial hunger strike, so at a certain stage it will “force” you to start eating food. That’s all.

The irony is that at the exit, such people are in for a surprise (besides, not a pleasant one), in the form of a RETURN OF THAT WEIGHT OF THE BODY back, only ATTENTION, now even more than before … (BEFORE YOUR SO-BORN SLIMMING).

Just think about this paragraph, all the efforts of these people are not only vain and useless, but also do more harm than good:

  • Wasted time wasted
  • Decrease (deceleration) of metabolism (metabolism) = stop fat loss
  • Reduced immunity of the body / + in addition, weakness, and so on.
  • The loss of precious muscle mass (muscle, not fat as needed), and muscles who are not up to date, are extremely important,

Well, and why is it necessary, tell me, please .. why are you doing this …

But the majority of people, this is exactly what “WONT LOOK” …

Absolutely not realizing that it is not right / not true, that it only hurts …

№2. Want to lose weight ?! STOP EATING AFTER SIX !!

In short, guys and girls, I’m too lazy to write about it – I will say straight, not to eat after six – this is not a diet, and she doesn’t give a damn about losing weight.

Read more about this all in the main article: NOT IS AFTER SIX.

Number 3. Want to lose weight ?! DO NOT EAT SWEET, FATY and FRIED!

… the truth is completely different.

Another “DIET” in HUGE QUOTS, which is a huge number of people.

In general, the trick is that after reading all the nonsense, people begin to exclude from your diet ALL SWEET, FATY AND FRIED, hoping to lose weight .. boldly calling it “the right diet”, they say, thanks to these products you get fat …

Although here there is a very scant part of the truth, the truth lies in a completely different way, which these people “in principle cannot understand”, because they ALREADY it seems that they are doing everything right, and there is nothing more correct than what they are already doing …

However, it takes one, well, a maximum of two weeks, and poor people are at a loss / upset,

And all due to the fact that people do not understand the basic principle of a proper diet for weight loss (

№4. Want to lose weight ?! BUY TABLET / GREEN TEA FOR SLIMMING! or PASS 25th frame / audio hypnosis.

it is generally, some kind of wildness, poor people, bred at all without blushing.

Another garbage (which people manage to call diet) involves using “TABLETS TO LOSE WEIGHT” or “GREEN TEA” from which you can supposedly lose weight, even lying on the couch without shit without doing …)))) without a smile on my face, I can’t say anything … because it’s just some kind of wildness.

Poor people are bred without blushing at all … and people, like a herd, are being kept .. and how.

Well, of course, everyone wants to get everything at once – not shit without doing it.

So, guys and girls, there is no such thing!

No pills, no green tea, no hypnosis, 25th frame and

It’s all a matter of fiction, it’s just another great way to make money on l * hah …

№5. You can also hear this: “you do not need these diets for losing weight .. it’s all nonsense, you just need to eat often and a little bit and everything will be fine” …

Alas, no fucking good!

Most often, I hear it from people who really do not represent a damn.

Learns to lose weight, although the piece of fat itself. Teaches how to pump muscles, and he 0.

Yes, even figs with this. Even if a person does not demonstrate this on himself, so he distributes advice to the left and to the right, in most cases, the absolute is incorrect.

If more tips were correct, that for God’s sake, youngster … and so, why ?! U-Zh-A-S #128577;

In general, I tried to tell as much as possible about the wrong weight loss, now I’ll finally start talking about how you really need to start losing weight (burning fat).

How to start losing weight?

Slimming starts with power settings. ADJUSTMENT, ADJUSTMENT and

Training the same (

The basic rule of a proper diet for weight loss – lack of calories.

Lack of calories is when you limit yourself in carbohydrates, thereby, during the day, you spend more energy than you get this energy, and you get them mostly from carbohydrates (because carbohydrates are the main source of energy), as a result fat burning …

Everything seems to be (well, it seems to me) very simple, however, most people for some reason do not understand this … Therefore, let’s talk about this to everyone in more detail …

As I said earlier, carbohydrates are the MAIN SOURCE of ENERGY!

What is energy?

Energy is the key to everything.

Without energy, you can do absolutely nothing …

It is thanks to the energy that you perform certain actions every day:

  • walk around;
  • running around;
  • jump;
  • watch tv;
  • reading a book;
  • work at the computer;
  • god … yes the list can be continued indefinitely) …
  • even now, when you read my article, these lines (looking at the monitor), you SPEND your ENERGY (for the work of the heart and other organs in the body, for maintaining a fixed posture, for the active work of your brain (by the way, about 25% of your energy spend it on thinking about this information) … understand?

Complete removal of alcohol from the body for 21 days

My God, even when you sleep in your cradle, you spend energy)) in the form of supporting the work of the internal organs in your body, updating the systems damaged for the whole day, carrying out chemical reactions and

What is the conclusion from all this?

The conclusion is simple, energy is the key to everything, and our monstrously intelligent organism (body) tries to spend as little as possible., because these expenses are not profitable for him,

Well, here, look, what YOU’RE COMFORTABLE TO YOU: TO RUN OR SLOWLY GO? Stand in the ROUTE or SIT (if possible)? WATCH TV STANDING or SITTING or even LYING? ..

The answers are obvious, and all because your body is trying to spend as little energy as possible, it does not like to part with it, therefore it interferes in every possible way.

That is why, you will walk, not run; moving in a minibus, you will sit, not stand; while watching TV, you will lie or sit, but not how to stand.

This is all, by the way, and explains all those difficulties with fat burning (

And it is for this reason, those unique people who say that losing weight is very EASY and FUN – in general, I will not swear, they are mistaken)) …

In general, with all this, I want to convey to you the very essence, because this is an elementary mechanism, alas, not reaching for most people:

  • LACK OF CALORIES will create a DEFICIENCY OF ENERGY IN YOUR ORGANISM, which in turn will manifest itself in a decrease in your body weight.
  • Excess calories in your diet (when you eat more carbohydrates (energy) than you spend (spend)) will increase your body weight.
  • In the event that the CONSUMPTION of energy is the same as the PARISH (intake) = then nothing changes, the weight is in place.


How to make a lack of calories to start fat burning?

In order to get LACK OF KAAL, We must know, WHAT and HOW MUCH we eat throughout the day.

As a rule, people do not even think about it (they just sit on this garbage: drink qifir, eat salads and everything, in short, FAST FALL) and consider this to be a proper “diet”.

However, in reality, this is fundamentally wrong (I have already talked about this), and this need not be done.

Your first task is to KNOW how much calorie you eat during the day!

To do this, you will need DAILY throughout the day, before each meal, to record everything in detail, that is to say “What and how much will you eat”.

For this, you will need:

  • get a notebook and write everything there
  • to get scales for weighing food:

HOWEVER, EXTREMELY an important nuance: do you eat as much food (food) as you want, without any restrictions whatsoever, and after (at the end of the day) you need to calculate everything that you ate for the whole day.

  • And so, you make exactly 7 DAYS!

For example, on Monday you ate 3000 calories, on Tuesday, 2800, on Wednesday, 3200, on Thursday, 3000, on Friday-Sun 2900, as a result, plus all these numbers and divide by 7.

In the end, you get the number of your daily calories (get your starting point), from which you will start your successful weight loss …

Without knowledge of this figure = weight loss can not start, a priori, in principle.

Therefore, it is so important to do everything correctly and systematically.

An example of how to do calculations.

For example, you ate 100 grams for breakfast. GREEKS + 2 boiled eggs!

Well, look for a table of calorie foods (here is the table) and consider:

  • 100 gr. GREEK = 68 gr. carbohydrate = 345 Kcal;
  • 2 boiled eggs = 24 gr. protein = 314 Kcal,

Result: (345 + 314) = 659 KCAL for breakfast.


After (at the end of the day) you sum up each meal for the whole day and voila get the number of your daily calories for a particular day.

I have an article on the site, so the question is “How to count calories”.

Okay, we figured it out. Go ahead.

What food to use for weight loss and health?

There is also a very important nuance here. (this can also be called one of your first assignments), the fact is that at the very beginning, you will need to replace food,

This is very, very important, because your results (your fat burning process) will also depend in part on choosing the right food.

This, by the way, is also one of my assumptions, because I do not know what you eat there during the day. Perhaps you do not eat properly,

Therefore, we eat only the correct, dietary, healthy foods:

COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES (this boiled: rice, buckwheat, oatmeal, pasta from durum)


Animal protein (boiled: meat (beef), fish (pollock, cod), chicken, eggs, CERTAIN (0% fat), MILK (1% fat), KEFIR (1% fat):

Pay attention, ALL BOILED

Cellulose (I mean vegetables and fruits, you can eat anything (cucumbers, tomatoes, salads (only without mayonnaise dressings and

Unsaturated fats are found in foods such as: fish, seafood, tofu, soybeans, wheat germ, leafy vegetables (dark green), nuts (pecans, macadamia, almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts), natural nut paste, omega-3, omega -6, omega-9, fish oil, sunflower, soybean, corn, safflower, walnut oil, rapeseed, flaxseed oil.


As a rule, I recommend restructuring in the first week (just when you are doing an experiment to find out your daily calories), however, many people cannot.

They can’t do restructuring in 1 week,

For them on purpose, I prepared a step-by-step plan for 2 weeks (yes, it is 1 week longer than if the first week, but it’s better than nothing at all!).

Do not be afraid to move slowly, be afraid to be inactive, doing nothing.


WEEK number 1. Fully exclude any simple carbohydrates (sweet, cakes, sugar, cookies, sweets, carbonated sugary drinks and

In the event that you ought to live WITHOUT SWEET, then replace them with fruits and dried fruits and eat them before

And also your task for 2 weeks to start eating complex carbohydrates – instead of simple ones.

The trick is that complex carbohydrates, in contrast to simple ones, give a long and even supply of energy (and a feeling of saturation of the body), but simple carbohydrates, on the contrary, are accompanied by a fast energy boost and the same rapid decline (a sharp feeling of saturation and the same sharp decline leading to hunger (gluttony), which also contributes to the accumulation of excess fat / the emergence of various diseases.Therefore, it is necessary to eat only complex coals!

As for the proper preparation of food, then everything is simple. Instead of hot, only VARKA.

On a diet (as I said above, we eat only boiled foods, because boiled foods contain a tiny amount of fat, which cannot be said about fried foods, in which there is more fat).

Your task for this week is to start eating only boiled foods, no frying.

WEEK number 2. Exclude mayonnaise, sour cream and

Sour cream / mayonnaise, etc. = not suitable. We are replacing OLIVE / VEGETABLE OIL!

Olive is certainly preferable (better).

As well as other harmful fats – we replace it with fish oil or flaxseed oil.

And also completely eliminate all types of alcohol and other bad habits.

There is no point in doing your figure, your appearance, your health, if you drink alcoholic beverages that destroy the body.

Why is all this done?


After all, as I mentioned above, I have no idea what you ate there before …

You may be eating anything

Secondly, that weekly experiment (calculation of daily caloric intake) is very important, since the resulting figure (how many calories you eat on a daily basis) is VERY important, because it is from her that we will build on in order to create an energy deficit in your body, in order to force it to burn fat as this energy.

This is very important to do! And after you calculate this figure, comes SECOND ASSUMPTION – this figure is individual for everyone!

Therefore, if you think logically, then all invented diets (including new-fangled) that are so vividly advertised in the media and not only, they say, a person needs to eat, well, say, 1,500 or 2,000 calories a day, in order for him to start losing weight, and

I will say this, there will be people who, with such a caloric content, will begin to FALL, just as there will be people for whom this caloric content will be very scanty, and their metabolism will slow down, therefore, fat loss will also slow down until a full stop … therefore see these divorces for All these diets do not take into account the most important thing = “Your usual number of calories that you absorb during the day”, and without knowing this number, any diets for weight loss are empty.

I assure you, absolutely 100%, the EXACT figure (your CCAL need for weight loss (fat burning) per day) no one will ever tell you, because for this you need to take into account an incredible amount of individual factors of a particular person, for example: gender, age, weight, genetic data, your muscle mass, your eating habits, lifestyle and

That is why, it is VERY IMPORTANT to calculate this figure (how many calories you eat during the day). It is from this figure, and begins losing weight. Exactly from this and losing weight begins (ANSWER TO THEME OF THE ARTICLE).

If you do not have this figure (your usual daily calories) you can not start losing weight. That’s why losing weight begins with this (well, along with many other things, which I told you in detail in this article).


About this, I described in detail above.

In short, the whole thing lasts only 1 week. To find out daily calories:

  • 1-7 days we eat as much as we want, without any restrictions, at the end of each day we count all the meals that were (and find out the daily caloric content of each day).
  • At the end of the 7th week, PLUS the kalorazh of all previous days (all 7 days) and divide the resulting amount by 7.
  • The resulting figure will tell you the average number of calories eaten per day. And this figure will be your starting point in losing weight.
  • MEN (gradually lower from its normal caloric intake to approximately 1500-2000 kcal per day).
  • GIRLS / WOMEN (gradually lower from its normal caloric intake to approximately 1000-1500 kcal per day).

That’s all!

More information in this article: Diet for losing weight quickly.

Get the same step by step instructions on how to lose weight from scratch to the result, you can in my training course, which is based on the latest scientific data and practical experience:

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