Double blind experiment

This record was very long lying in the sketches, because once again I was embarrassed to write about elementary things. But over the past month, it turned out that some of them are a revelation even for Microsoft MVP :)

Indeed, the touch interface is always fraught with some small tricks, because non-obviousness is its second nature. I use all twelve tricks from this article, and I bet that for most readers with Windows Phone at least one trick will be new!

[+] 12 secrets

1. Add a comma

Vadims Podans, MVP PowerShell, changed the phone from Windows Phone to

However, it can not be included!

2. Quickly type the main punctuation marks.

To get to frequently used punctuation marks, it is not necessary to press &123, because they are hiding under the point – hold it.

However, there is no need to hold the point. You can speed things up by introducing these characters with a smooth movement of your finger, without detaching from the screen – with a swipe (I deliberately prefer slang to the official term “use typing with text” :). Try to hold your finger from a point to the question mark in one motion!

And if it comes to that …

3. Enter numbers with a swipe

When in the middle of the text you need to dial one digit, use the swipe – move your finger from &123 to number. After typing it, the keyboard automatically returns to the character set mode. The win is not to press &123 again (if you miss it, the language will also change – is it familiar?).

Double blind experiment

In my opinion, this trick will no longer work in Windows 10, but symbols will not disappear anywhere!

4. Discover the world of hidden characters

Click &123, and then press and hold numbers and different characters.

5. Put a dot with a double space.

Finishing the sentence, double-press the spacebar. The result is a point plus a space after it. The logic is simple – it’s easier to get into a big gap than to a point.

Speaking of new offers.

6. Quickly change the case of a whole word or first letter

The Windows Phone Keyboard automatically starts the first word of the sentence with a capital letter. but sometimes it happens that after editing, the first word is in lower case. This is easy to correct – highlight the word and press ↑. Clicks change the case in a circle: the first letter of the title – all capital – all lowercase.

By the way, about the register.

7. Hold ↑ to change case

Everyone knows that to change the register, you need to press twice. Did you know that you can achieve the same goal just by holding this button? Indeed, the button is easier to hold than double-poking at it, at the risk of missing.

8. Trust the automatic replacement

Above the keyboard, you see various hints (Word Flow), and the word that will be automatically substituted for the one typed by you is highlighted in bold.

If you see that the fat word is appropriate, do not correct your typo, but boldly press the spacebar!

9. Use dictionary tips

The keypad of Windows Phone is smart enough and well suggests the words typed with errors due to falling into the next letters. She also knows, for example, that words with hyphens are very inconvenient to type. In most cases, you can not enter them, relying on the AutoCorrect or hint.

10. Follow the clues

Tips appear not only to offer you a corrected version. I really like the clues when the next word is suggested based on the previous ones in the sentence.

11. Replenish the keyboard dictionary

Keyboard Windows Phone well remembers your preferences.

The keyboard of my Windows Phone is already well trained

– Vadim Sterkin (@vsterkin) March 6, 2015

Having seen this tweet, Alexey Zhuravlev, MVP System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management, asked me how to teach the phone one word (I hope, good :) It’s just done. Highlight a word and click the + word.

12. Master the svayp-keyboard

Recently Pavel Nagaev, MVP Exchange Server, came to Moscow. During friendly gatherings, it turned out that he had no idea about the svayp-keyboard. In fact, he has an iPhone, and for iOS there are third-party solutions. And in Windows Phone since

Perhaps, I will pay more attention to this input method, because it is great for:

  • Shaking (on the go, in transport) and big fingers, because in these cases, typing in the keys is associated with a large number of typos.
  • The application lacks horizontal mode (die, Skype!), Because on a small keyboard it is inconvenient to type with two hands.

I myself was skeptical at first about svaypu, but I tried, tried … and now it has become my main input method in Russian! In English, I still prefer the traditional print with two hands, which allows you to use hints. In Russian, with its variety of endings, they are less effective.

For the sake of experiment, I compared the speed of dialing with a swipe (holding the phone vertically) and two hands (horizontally) using the first paragraph of this article as an example. To my surprise, svayp won with a decent margin – 03:09 versus 03:45 (for comparison, on a regular PC keyboard I missed it at 00:45).

Anyway, I just like the swipe keyboard, and I want to share some tips with you:

  • Write in simple words, avoiding slang. Recognition of input works on the basis of the dictionary, so the jargon does not pass, unless you have taught them the keyboard.
  • Learn the language :) Swipe relies on the dictionary ^^, so literate people type the text faster. However, Windows is not the first time to cope with spelling errors of users.
  • Use automatic spaces. By lifting your finger from the screen, you mark the end of a word. Just start keeping the next word, and the space itself will be added before it.
  • Do not be afraid of long words. In my practice, long words are recognized surprisingly well.
  • Feel free to approximate input. It is not necessary to scrupulously lead the letters that make up the word. The main thing is to hold your finger close to them (within reasonable limits, of course).
  • Practice. At first, input errors strain, but over time the results improve significantly.

The last item is not for show, because svayp-keyboard is learnable. If she does not understand even the word added to the dictionary, delete it and type it in the usual way. After a few times, Windows Phone will memorize a new word.

More than once I caught myself thinking that I would like a swipe keyboard on a tablet. Probably, in Windows 10, this desire will come true.

Discussion and Survey

For a number of reasons, a blog of a month and a half has turned out in publications of the blog, after which it is very difficult to re-enter the rhythm. But I will try (and yes, I remember that I did not sum up the past cycling season, although I started to roll in oT-oh this spring).

Returning to typing, I think the Windows Phone keyboard is superior to the touchscreen in Windows. Obviously, in Windows 10, the keyboard must incorporate the best practices, and on smartphones, progress is already visible in the most sensitive issue – moving the cursor.

A round pointer is designed to simplify and make the cursor positioning as accurate as possible. At the same time pay attention to the comma to the left of the space bar, as well as the voice input button at the top.

Owners of Windows Phone, write in the comments what new things you learned and what tricks you will adopt. If there are other tricks in your arsenal, share them in the discussion!

Owners of smartphones on iOS and Android, tell us what useful keyboard chips you regularly use to speed up typing!

And yes, I wonder which reader is using the swipe keyboard! As usual, the survey will show a quantitative alignment in the audience.

Voting results are lost due to the termination of the web-based polling service.

You can mark fragments of text that are interesting to you, which will be accessible via a unique link in the address bar of the browser.

Vadim is the owner of this blog, and most of the entries here came from his pen. Details about the blog and the author here.

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Pro svayp with numbers did not know. Useful article. I do not use swipe because I rarely type on the phone, but I tried this thing. Really convenient, just get used to it.

Vadim, I put the svayp while still in Moscow, but still can’t get used to it. The main problem – when he entered a word, he automatically replaces it with what he found in the dictionary. When you quickly enter, you look, and the text is not the one that you entered. In general, I still get used and get used to :-)

But thanks for svaybas.

Pasha, the process of habituation is two-sided – the keyboard learns your words, and you subconsciously learn to drive correctly with your finger. Often the tips have the right words,

By the way, at the last meeting IT Talks, which are still held on Thursdays at 9:30 pm at http: //

I have a rare script. It’s not even a matter of speaking English, but having a 3-4G connection in the nbh. Otherwise, get The Internet and I aren’t talking right now.

Thank! Points 3-6 were a useful discovery for me =)

I would like to add to paragraph 4: if you hold numbers 1, 2 and 3, you are invited to enter fractional numbers and powers =)

Paragraph 4 says

press and hold numbers and different characters

It is assumed that the readers themselves explore each button :)

And how to enable svayp on the Ukrainian layout? On the official website, microsoft mentions that in this language this text input should also work, but did not find it in the keyboard settings. Maybe someone in the know?

If not in the settings, no luck.

Double blind experiment

Vadim, thanks for the article. I did not know that you can put dots with a space. For this feature, a special thank you) Swipe drew on the android, but WP is great as WP itself. And yes, on the tablet, at first, there was a very lack of a svayp, I hope they implement it. A dozen for the phone is certainly good, but no matter how happy I am, I had to roll back today,

I do not plan to put a preview on the phone, I have one :)

Vadim, and if not a secret, which model? After a blind dial on any touch it is inconvenient for me to dial. Swipe began to type only on lumii 1520, but at 520 I did not learn because of the screen size (fingers overlap the letters, but I still can’t memorize them for memory). Stylus for a long time on WM typed on the svayp-keyboard – it was convenient there. On the tablet I put the keyboard for two hands.

Oleg, I have 925. Honestly, I don’t know the Russian layout on the PC (I use the phonetic one), so I fully rely on the visual definition of the positions of the letters.

The keyboard is cool, and I did an experiment with the swipe when it first appeared. I liked it, but in the end, for some reason, the swap did not take root among me, I will need to try again. But here there is one problem with it, which does not give rest for a long time. How to put a long dash in the windscreen? Christmas tree quotes have long been found, but the long dash and some other special characters are still missing

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