EQ vs IQ

I made for you a selection of films about incredible women and collected from well-known sites a description of the essence of each film. These heroines inspire each of us to create a masterpiece from our lives. You can watch trailers for all films here.

Eat Pray Love. E craning the autobiographical work of Elizabeth Gilbert. The writer goes on a journey through the world, the purpose of which is to find answers to all questions. During this trip, the main character learns pleasure, religion and love. Best motivational film.

Vacation Exchange. One of the best romantic comedies about how the decision of two women to change their lives for the holidays has led to a better Christmas in their lives.

Simple difficulty. A good film for women of mature age, because his heroine 10 years after the divorce, rediscovered the ability for mutual and pure love.

Real love. This film brings together several stories, each of which proves that love is still real, and confirms the theory “Love is everywhere. And it is available to everyone, whether you are a young girl or an old rocker. ”

Frozen from Miami. A film about a southerner who not only survived in the north, but also accomplished a business coup. Throughout the film, the heroine has to not only solve business issues, but also learn to build relationships with people. The best film for women who have a career in the first place. It clearly shows that it is possible to be successful and at the same time save a human face.

Erin Brokovich. A cool film about the energetic and impulsive heroine who managed to overcome injustice and save the lives of hundreds of Hinckley residents.

Coco to Chanel. Soulful film about the goddess of creativity, which paved the way for women to freedom and self-expression and became famous in the fashion world.

Mona Lisa smile. The best film about the art of living your mind. The main character is a college teacher who teaches her students to be independent. Due to her character and assertiveness, the girl gains the authority of her students and shows by example how important it is to have your own opinion in life.

Chocolate. The film is about the satisfaction of the strongest desires, and about women’s entrepreneurship. This film is the story of a woman who had to face conviction, but which remained benevolently disposed towards others.

The Devil Wears Prada. A film about two women who want to achieve something in this life and at the same time defend their own value system and their many-sided inner world.

Frida The film is a woman who did not give up, having experienced a severe accident, but, on the contrary, she was able to creatively realize herself. As in all films for women that affect the strings of our soul, there is everything here – love, career, life’s vicissitudes.

Evita This film is about a woman who has become one of the most vivid characters in the pages of Argentine history. Proof that women can sometimes play a more significant role in history than men.

Elegy. The film is about the inner female beauty and about making a loved one the way he is. In the course of the storyline is changing the hero, not the heroine.

Amelie. A film about women’s kindness and a desire to help people, thanks to whom the heroine meets her love. And the film tells about the cause-effect relationships.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The main character seems frivolous girl who earns $ 50 on each date, just asking for money for the ladies’ room. However, few people know that her lifestyle is simply a way to cope with the days of “black longing” and finally find its place in this world. A film for girls who dream of marrying a millionaire.

The maid. The story of women who did not agree to injustice and began to defend their freedom.

Bridget Jones Diary: all parts. The film is about a woman who lives in each of us, believes in the best and constantly performs absurd acts.

Brooklyn The film is about the difficulties and hard choices that an immigrant from Ireland meets on his way.

Black Swan. The story of a ballerina who had to overcome a lot in order to brilliantly fulfill her role on the stage.

Little women. Stories about the big dreams of 4 girls turning into women in the American backwoods – their first love and first disappointments, the formation of character and life position.

Joy. The best film about unconditional love.

Play like Beckham. The film is about the most beautiful footballer who wants her dream.

Beautiful girl. Cinema, which clearly shows how love can change everything.

Businesswoman. A film about how a girl manages to build a career turns from a caterpillar into a butterfly and defends her ideas.

Out of the car. If artificial intelligence (IQ + EQ) is laid in the perfect body of a woman, then she will win all.

A girl without complexes. About the transformation of a crazy woman, convinced that she can sleep with everyone in a row, but in her heart she dreams of big and pure love.

My greek wedding. A funny comedy about a crazy Greek family and a beautiful bride.

Sentence. Pro convincing charm of a woman who is ready for anything for a career. Even get married. Surprisingly, this is exactly what helps her find her love.

EQ vs IQ

Everyone is crazy about Mary. The best film about the choice between fans, proves that women who know how to laugh, they rule!

Jeans – a talisman. The film is about a very strong friendship that helps girls cope with life difficulties.

Diane: A love story. The story of the most inspiring princess of the past generation.

Princess of Monaco. The main character is a Hollywood actress and princess Monaco Grace Kelly, who faces a personality crisis. From which she comes out with dignity.

Blonde in law. For pretty blondes, many are not serious enough. However, the heroine of the film proved that she is not only beautiful, but also intelligent. The movie is about how important it is to believe in your business.

Revenge of haute couture / dressmaker. About a fashionable woman who has found the strength to unearth the pain of her childhood and free herself from her.

Dirty dancing The best film about the freedom of body and spirit. The main character, who meets true love, faces a lack of understanding of her father and accusations towards her lover.

Trails. Biographical film about the writer Robin Davidson, who, in the company of four camels and dogs, crossed Australia to find herself.

Century Adaline. The main character of the picture has to make a choice between immortality and love. How “eternal youth” can become an obstacle on the path to happiness.

Gone With the Wind. The film is about a strong and intelligent girl who has learned to survive during the war.

Clock. About genius, albeit psychologically unstable, Virginia Woolf, who inspired and will inspire generations of women.

I would be in heaven. The film is about the danger of the latest technologies, as well as true values.

Intern. Pro outstanding modern female leadership.

Another woman. Chic comedy about female solidarity. The heroines of the film were not only able to combine their efforts, they also managed to avenge each of them.

Miss Congeniality. Pro beauty in the hands of the FBI. Or about the FBI in the hands of beauty. One out of two.

Juneau What if you’re a high school girl and pregnant? About non-child experiences of a rich inner world.

Painted veil. About how to get out of karmic debt winner. True values ​​were not immediately available to the main character, but she found the courage to distinguish the present from the false.

Mary Poppins. About the nanny whom each of us dreamed about.

EQ vs IQ

My boyfriend is a psycho (in the original title of the film: The Silver Ray of Hope) is one of the most inspiring romantic films about a strong personal transformation.

And here she is. As one little girl changes the life of her grandfather – an avid egoist, and one woman of retirement age finds her love in this grandfather.

Love by the rules and without. A wonderful comedy about love in adulthood.

Under the sun of Tuscany. About the strength of spirit, kindness and the infinite beauty of one woman after a divorce. The idea of ​​the Spherical Development System began with this film.

La la land. About how love helps to make your dreams come true.

What movie about a cool woman or women do you recommend? Share in the comments! Let’s add to this list with new inspirational movies.

My favorites are “Chocolate”, “Ameli”, “Gone With the Wind” and of course “Under the Tuscan Sun”. And your?

To make this list, it took a lot of time. I will be glad if you share this post with other women along with a link to this blog so that we add 50 more films to this great list.

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