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Food, and fruits in particular, appear in dreams quite often. After all, in reality they are part of the surrounding reality. And if the day before there was a “battle with the harvest,” which consisted in processing apples, they would almost certainly be haunted in a dream. In other cases, it is worth deciphering what dreams of apples, remembering all the details of sleep.

Dream Interpretation: see apples in a dream

Although in general elegant fruits are a favorable symbol, the interpretation according to different dream books has different meanings. Undoubtedly, some take into account their mention in the biblical story about the temptation of the first couple of people in the Garden of Eden, and the myth of the apple of discord.

Dream Miller treats the dreaming of ruddy appetizing fruits as a precursor of a prosperous period. However, caution about the deterioration of well-being is the story of eating rotten or wormhole fruit.

According to the dream book of the Bulgarian soothsayer Vanga, when apples are dreamed, this is the forerunner of awards for earlier work. There are ripe fruits – soon to get acquainted with a wise man who will teach a lot. Bad apples mean getting the wrong information. Cut the fruit – not too pleasant symbol, warning of a possible error in reality. There comes a period when decisions need to be carefully thought out.

Gypsy dream book eating fruit treats depending on taste. Juicy sweet fruit – harbingers of pleasant entertainment. Sour and immature – annoying misunderstandings with loved ones, a lie.

The onset of the very happy days of life who saw apples in a dream promises an English dream book. For parents, the plot with the beautiful fruits seen serves as a forerunner that children will delight with success.

Freud’s dream interpretation interprets the apple as a sign of intimate pleasures. Dreams of intimacy with someone will not come true if you dreamed of biting off a fruit. The worm inside is a symbol of jealousy, often unfounded. Shake the apple tree for the trunk to feast on the fruits, the famous Austrian psychiatrist interpreted as a desire to satisfy the sexual appetites of the second half. It will not be very easy to do, but it will enrich personal relationships.

According to Antonio Meneghetti’s dream book, fancy apples promise joyful events in life. The dreamer has a favorable period when all his plans will succeed.

Buying apples is a symbol of the fact that you will have to try hard to get the result of your work.

By unhappy love dreams of stealing apples in a dream. Attempts to return the object of adoration will not bring success, so it is better to save your strength.

Unlike most dream books, the esoteric work of Tsvetkov treats apples not too positively. In his opinion, this is a deterioration of well-being and attempts to seduce the dreamer. Eating the fruit is chagrin and disappointment. If a man dreams of apples, and he collects them, you should beware of quarrels and quarrels with the household.

In the dream book Hasse, ripe fruits have a favorable significance, predicting the successful resolution of all issues. However, to drink the fruit juice squeezed out of one’s own hands is a sad symbol, signifying exhaustion and discomfort.

Russian dream book as a warning considers the plot in which a sleeping person is treated to the fruit offered to him. Nayavu someone will try to draw in a very dubious little thing. If the donor of the apple is a friend, an invitation will come from him. Unknown person – it is worth to beware of new people in life, and also not to try to take risks in areas not studied thoroughly.

Medea’s dream interpretation considers apples as a sign of good health, harmony in the spiritual and intimate sphere, if they are fresh. Blemished fruits, with rotten or wormhole, mean that the intrigues of the ill-wishers will darken life.

I dreamed of apples and pears lying in one container (basket, plate, fruit box) – it is worth doing self-education. This story suggests that for the implementation of the planned lack of knowledge.

Culinary dream book treats savoring delicious apples lonely dreamers, as soon finding the second half. Immature fruits mean minor annoyances. Fragrant baked fruits – fast fun, joyful meetings with friends.

What dreams of apples woman

The representatives of the fair sex fruit suggest special characters. If a woman dreams of big apples, very beautiful and glossy, this may be a sign of a quick pregnancy. The fruits lying on the snow promise a serene happy life in the near future. Nothing will darken joyful emotions.

Rotten apples for a woman in a dream mean that the envious ones are surrounded. Because of this feeling, ill-wishers may try to defame the dreamer before the authorities or loved ones. Also, tarnished fruits mean dissatisfaction with their own personal lives, dissatisfaction in the intimate sphere.

In order to most correctly interpret, what a ripe apple can see in a dream, one should pay attention to their color. Scarlet means amorous adventures; yellow – career advancement; green – worthy of attention new acquaintance. However, immature, very small apples, especially their collection, a clear warning not to rush. Hasty decisions are not the time. If you dream about apples of unnatural shades, they warn you about a test of integrity. To succumb to temptation during this period almost certainly means causing great damage to your reputation.

When dreaming soaked apples to a woman, and the dreamer tastes them with pleasure, in reality she should watch her emotions and words. Due to excessive harshness, it is possible to put a grievance to the closest people undeserved by them.

What dreams of red apples

Bright color in dreams is always remembered easier, especially the contrasting combinations. Red apples on a tree among the emerald green foliage symbolize how real the dreamer’s goals are. If it is clear that the fruit is ripe, soon all dreams will come true.

Manifested sleep content

To decipher what it means to eat a red apple in a dream, you should remember its taste. Sweetness foreshadows passionate pleasures.

When dreaming of filling apples, success in business ahead. If the scarlet fruit turned out to be immature, bland or sour, problems with the sensual sphere, decreased libido may arise in reality. To bite off a fruit, and to find out inside rot or a worm – caution about concealed enemies. Worth vigilance.

A good sign, reflecting the quality of the sleeper, are red apples in the basket. This is the integrity of the individual, the ability to make informed decisions and find a balance between work and home. Finally, the fate of the dignity will reward the sleeper for the zeal shown earlier.

If a huge red apples dreamed of a girl, and in the near future she has no pregnancy plans, you should pay special attention to contraception. Also about the possibility of conception says the story in which a girl tears bright fruit from the branches.

Manifested sleep content

For entrepreneurs, picking bright red apples carries double information. The new project promises an excellent profit, but in its implementation should be thoroughly kept everything under control, and try not to transfer important authority to anyone.

What dreams of green apples

Immature fruits have a special interpretation. This is a warning that should not rush. Entrepreneurs should not skip any stages of projects, students – in a hurry to take work on the test. In a hurry, it is very likely to commit an annoying blunder and nullify your own efforts. A wormy green apple dreamed of – one should expect the appearance of unexpected obstacles, and the successful solution of problems depends on the ability to carefully consider the consequences of certain actions.

If you dreamed of large green apples, clearly ripe, this is a very positive symbol. Dream Vanga treats them as recognition and deserved rewards. The more fruits dreamed of, the more pleasant changes will occur in life: meeting interesting people, fresh ideas in the work, raising for work.

What dreams of apples on a tree

To see growing fruits on coniferous branches or in other unusual places is a sign that unexpected pleasant events are possible. Apple with apples is treated depending on the appearance of the fruit. Fragrant and ripe mean well-being. Fruits with scab, wormholes or rotten ones warn dreamers in love about the partner’s infidelity.

If there are a lot of apples on the branches, and pure and elegant ones prevail among them – the nearest period will be mostly successful.

An apple tree with ripe apples in a dream is a generally auspicious symbol. It is very good to see how the fruits fall, and successfully catch them in a dream. All plans will be executed with minimal effort. Abundantly falling apples, which have to dodge, mean that the dreamer should weigh his desires and possibilities.

A garden with apples seen in a dream means harmony for the family, and foreshadows a happy meeting with a lonely one. This is the achievement of goals, the successful implementation of ideas.

When deciphering a dream you should pay attention to what apples dream. A tree with big red fruits means a wonderful relationship between lovers, sensual encounters and bright acquaintances promising to be fateful. A lot of small ruddy openings behind which leaves are almost invisible, mean for the ill, improved health.

Apple trees with green fruits (Simirenko, Granny Smith) mean a good time to start new business if the apples are ripe. Immature ovaries warn about the need to clearly follow the action plan when implementing projects, and also advise not to rush the development of personal relationships.

Yellow apples on the tree mean increased vitality. The unusual golden fruit symbolizes the triumphal recognition of the dreamer’s achievements, his authority at work, love and respect.

In general, elegant large apples on a tree in a dream mean that the sleeper’s efforts will be rewarded. Success will come very soon.

Why dream of picking apples

Harvesting in a dream is interpreted as a return on work, but there are some nuances depending on the details. When dreaming to collect apples from the ground, in reality you will be faced with deception. Businessmen should be more attentive with their partners when concluding contracts, and family dreamers should pay attention to spouses. Such a dream warns a girl in love: her chosen one is an insincere person who wants only to have fun or get material gain. For a dreamer of any gender and age, if they were dreaming of rotten apples covering the ground, the plot suggests the need to reconsider their social circle. Among the acquaintances who enter the house are unworthy people.

A favorable period for active steps is reported by a dream in which it was possible to pick apples from a tree. You can implement long-cherished plans. However, tearing apples in a dream, obviously unripe, means too hastily. Also, the plot speaks about certain difficulties in sexual relations due to low self-esteem, some infantilism and unwillingness to take on the solution of important issues. Trying to reach out in a dream to the fruit, which hangs very high, it means that in reality it is desirable to analyze and revise your dreams towards more real ones. Self-confidence is a good trait, but sometimes you need to temper ambition.

A detailed interpretation of what I dreamed of picking apples will help their color. Ripe green fruits – a symbol of well-being, creative ascent. A favorable period for the start of new affairs. Tearing away yellow apples means that there will soon be fun entertainment with like-minded people. In another interpretation, such fruits mean a warning about the need to verify the information received. It is possible that someone will try to pass a lie for the truth.

You can see that apples are dreaming mainly for pleasant events in life, and you should not be upset after reading the warning. It is always better to be prepared for possible complications so that their appearance does not come as a surprise. Good dreams and pleasant reality!

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