A simple sponge cake recipe

Author: Rybchanskaya Irina

Date: 21 02 2017

Hello my dear readers! For some reason, at the end of winter desperately want sweet. Is serotonin lacking something? But the body instead of a useful lentil soup for some reason requires a cake, preferably a biscuit. With brandy impregnation and desperately chocolate cream. Do you want this? Then my simple biscuit recipe in the oven will fit you.

My relationship with the recipe for biscuit once categorically did not develop. I have already thought that mere mortals could not cook this miracle of confectionery art at all. A miracle happened, and the wonderful recipe for biscuit, which is easy to implement at home, came to my tenacious hands. For me, this is the best and easiest cake for cake. First of all, I give you exactly his recipe with a photo step by step. For many years, I thank him for the sweet girl Leah from Israel.

A simple recipe for sponge cake in the oven – cooking options

Classic Biscuit Recipe


  • 8 eggs (egg weight without shell 50 g).
  • 280 grams of sugar.
  • 280 g flour.
  • 1-2

    Cooking technology

    1. Separate the whites from the yolks.
    2. I do it scrupulously. I put the yolks in a cup or a jar, pour the squirrels into a carefully washed and fat-free dish.

      My mother-in-law taught me to do this — he was not in the recipe for homemade biscuit.

      Baking mode and cooling classic sponge cake in the oven

      1. Preheat the oven to 200 ° C, place in it the form with biscuit. Oven 45-50 minutes (depending on the oven), do not open the door in order to avoid settling of the cake.
      2. Readiness to check the splinter. If it is dry after piercing, the biscuit can be removed from the oven.
      3. Use a sharp knife to quickly circle the shape around, open it, remove the finished product from the bottom with a knife with a wide blade.

      Put the workpiece to cool on the grate so that the bottom is not damp. Jets of cold air will circulate freely and “blow” cakes on all sides.

      Having spent 24 hours in the refrigerator, the biscuit becomes unusually juicy and tasty. When baking in the oven, the moisture is collected in the middle of the cake, and when “long-term” standing in the cold, it is again evenly distributed throughout the volume of the biscuit. Always keep this in mind and do not rush to build a cake!

      How to cut a sponge cake

      1. We cut into 3-4-5 parts like this: we designate a long blade along the entire circumference “round” of the thickness we need.
      2. At the same time cut and twist the workpiece (moving forward and in a circle).
      3. An easy-to-prepare biscuit is ready for further manipulations – it can be soaked, spread and glazed.

      A classic sponge cake baked in the oven is used to make a cake for a day after it is ready. Fulfillment of this condition ensures that it will be extremely tasty, well diluted, and after impregnation with syrup it will not become excessively wet and heavy.

      If you have been looking for a recipe for biscuit, which always turns out, then it is in front of you! It remains to cook from it some delicious cake.

      Recipe for a simple sponge cake on kefir without eggs

      I will tell you a terrible secret – this biscuit is not the one for whom he claims to be. He cooks without eggs at all! Shh, not a word to anyone.


    • 260 g of flour.
    • 180 grams of sugar.
    • 200 ml of kefir.
    • 90-100 g of melted butter.
    • 1 tea l soda
    • How to cook

        A simple sponge cake recipe

      1. Sift flour with soda and citric acid, put vanilla sugar.
      2. If citric acid is not in powder, but in grains, then it should be crushed with a rolling pin, otherwise the grains will be felt in the finished product.

        Kefir should be at room temperature.

        We level the surface of the dough with our hands – it turns out to be more dense than in the recipe of a classic biscuit. Do not worry – this is normal!

        A simple sponge cake recipe

        It is an easy-to-prepare biscuit, which also almost always works without problems. Only he is not as tall and lush as usual on eggs.

        A simple classic impregnation recipe


      • 500 ml of water.
      • The juice of half a lemon.
      • Sugar to taste.

      How to make

      • Boil water, dissolve sugar in it, add lemon juice.
      • Cool and apply to impregnate any cake.

      We have reviewed today the simplest classic recipe for making biscuit dough, the “newfangled” – on kefir and settled on a simple impregnation recipe. The topic of impregnation for cakes and biscuit cake cream is very extensive. We will return to it more than once. I gave you already caramel cream – many liked it. In the future, I will try to please you and other delicious creams.

      It is always difficult in one article to tell about all the intricacies of cooking. If you decide to cook – write your questions. I will certainly answer all, solemnly promise!

      Give me a courtesy – share, please, an article in social networks. See you again! Bye everyone! Always your Irina. Favorite movie, actor, composer, director – the whole wealth here and now! 2046. Polonaise. Shigeru umebayashi

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