Oyster mushroom recipe

Oyster mushrooms – mushrooms available all year round with a delicate flavor and a mild aroma. More about oyster mushrooms.

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Fried oyster mushrooms in soy sauce are made to taste very similar to wild mushrooms. Serve such mushrooms well with pasta.

Excellent snack from fried oyster mushrooms, which is prepared very quickly.

Spaghetti served with oyster and cream sauce.

In this dish everything is as I like: simple ingredients, easy cooking, and as a result – a very tasty dish. This potato casserole recipe with mushrooms is worth it to write it in your culinary notebook!

Marinated oyster mushrooms are cooked very simply. It turns out delicious, serve as an excellent snack. No one argues that forest mushrooms are a hundred times better, but oyster mushrooms will be a good substitute for urban residents!

Recipe for delicious pickled mushrooms. In this way, you can marinate not only oyster mushrooms, but also mushrooms, will also be very tasty. Many times tastier and more economical than buying in the store. This is one of the fastest recipes for pickling mushrooms: a minimum of time and effort, and as a result – a great snack on the holiday table and for every day.

Easy and fast in cooking soup from canned beans and mushrooms.

These meatballs are a lean dish. Although it tastes like meat)))

I bake chicken fillet with mushrooms, cheese and mustard-garlic sauce. In my opinion, this chicken dish can be both festive and everyday.

Even those who cannot imagine their lives without meat will like the fast-cooked and very nutritious Asian-style dish. The successful combination of green beans, olives, mushrooms and funchoses make this vegetarian dish not only bright, but also nutritious.

Potato zrazy stuffed with chicken liver, and to them, instead of the sauce – oyster mushrooms in sour cream. Simple and tasty!

A nourishing and very tasty salad with liver, mushrooms, vegetables – what else do you need after a long working day? This chicken liver salad is not only very tasty, it is also cooked in minutes.

Surprise guests with a bright, interesting presentation of festive puff salad – a delicious salad with potatoes, mushrooms, eggs and pickles turns into a bouquet of spring flowers of narcissus.

Grape bunch salad with chicken and mushrooms is a great idea for a festive table.

Crab sticks rolls – delicate crab sticks and delicious filling in the middle.

Oyster mushroom recipe

Very tender and incredibly tasty potato casserole based on the shepherd’s cake. The classic shepherd’s pie is cooked with meat and vegetables, in this recipe the meat is replaced with mushrooms. Soft, airy mashed potatoes just melt in your mouth, and the mushrooms in tomato sauce make the taste of the dish rich.

Vegetable caviar from pumpkin and mushrooms is suitable for those who observe fasting. It is convenient to cook pumpkin caviar in the microwave.

Tasty appetizer – oyster mushrooms fried with onions in sacks of rice paper. The bags are cooked in a double boiler, therefore they retain their unusual transparency.

Fried oyster mushrooms, breaded. Simple and tasty. Cheap and satisfying.

Sunny millet porridge is very useful. Prepare it with milk and mushrooms. Great side dish. The easiest way to cook millet porridge with mushrooms in a slow cooker.

Fragrant rabbit stewed in beer, with mushrooms and vegetables, perfectly suited to the festive table. And cook a rabbit in beer is a snap.

Lovers of original and savory dishes will enjoy the thick, hearty and healthy Asian-style soup. It is great for both the lean table, and for those who adhere to proper nutrition or vegetarianism.

Very tasty and original salad with chicken, pepper and mushrooms, in honey sauce, will decorate your New Year’s table and will surely enjoy its ease with your guests. Multicolored meaty peppers blend beautifully with the rest of the products. Believe me, this salad is able to become a real star during a festive feast.

The taste of mushrooms is better revealed in the form of heat. And this warm mushroom salad can be a great start to a romantic dinner.

Pasta is a dish that always helps out. A variety of toppings and sauces, as well as simplicity and speed of cooking help to make pasta a favorite dish. Drunk mushrooms quite a bit, but two tablespoons of wine give aroma and light sour mushroom sauce for pasta.

Oyster mushroom recipe

A great and easy way to cook chicken. Most after work day. A minimum of effort and ingredients, and the result is very good. Creamy mushroom sauce goes even faster than the chicken itself.

Mushrooms with vegetables are always tasty, and oyster mushrooms with vegetables cooked in a slow cooker are also easy!

Quiche, or an open shortcrust pastry cake, has become a very frequent guest on our table. This is because there is a huge amount of them, because the filling can be meat, mushroom, chicken, fish, depending on the preferences of the family. This quiche is a mushroom.

Almost no festive feast in Korea can do without the popular chapchhe snack. Chapchhe is made of glass noodles, but no less tasty and quick will be a dish of plain, thin and long vermicelli with vegetables, mushrooms and meat.

To make the everyday menu more varied, boil a delicious and rich mushroom soup with barley. The ingredients are simple and affordable. It is easy to buy oyster mushrooms on the market or in any supermarket, so preparing a nourishing soup will seem easier to you than steamed turnips.

I’ll tell you how standard, traditional dumplings are cooked. And they are served with mushroom cereals (cream sauce with mushrooms).

Delicious and hearty pie with chicken, potatoes and mushrooms will appeal not only to your children, but also to your guests!

You do not have time to cook cutlets, cook potatoes – and do not. After spending half the time, you can make delicious pancakes of minced meat and potatoes. And to them – no less tasty mushrooms in sour cream.

Very tasty and, importantly, a beautiful salad Mushroom with chicken and oyster mushrooms, which will decorate any festive table and delight guests with excellent taste.

Fans of mashed soups will appreciate the recipe for mushroom soup-pumpkin puree. You can cook the soup in the microwave.

If you like dough products such as dumplings, then you will also like palushki. Ukrainian palushki are very similar to Russian lazy dumplings, but there are some differences. Palyushki made from potatoes and cottage cheese, in contrast to the lazy dumplings, which put only cottage cheese.

Fragrant oyster mushrooms with bacon and garlic will decorate your dinner.

Oyster mushrooms perfectly harmonize with pasta. Add to this duet ham, cheese and mint and a delicious dinner – pasta with mushrooms and cheese – ready.

Do you have meat, and you think about what to cook from it? So, you can make a delicious meatloaf with mushrooms. An excellent meat snack fits any festive table. Well, and if we live well, then it’s just so easy to eat) It’s easy to prepare meatloaf.

I am glad to share with you another recipe. Juicy beef Wellington. My recipe is slightly different from the original in that it is more affordable. And of course, no less delicious.

Hearty, rich cabbage soup made from pickled and fresh cabbage with mushrooms.

Very fast and tasty snack – marinated oyster mushrooms. Prepares very easily, suitable for any holiday table. I recommend cooking marinated mushrooms for the New Year. It takes little time, and the result will please you.

Potato casserole with minced meat and mushrooms – a tasty and satisfying dish for a family lunch or dinner. A casserole made according to this recipe can also be served on a festive table.

Vegetable stew is a rather nourishing and healthy dish, it perfectly quenches hunger, will give a charge of cheerfulness. Stew can be prepared from different vegetables, but mushrooms will give a special flavor to the dish. According to this recipe, vegetable stew is prepared in the oven.

Sea bass stuffed with oyster mushrooms, baked in foil. Fish with mushrooms and cheese, cooked according to this recipe, turns out juicy and very tasty.

Indian sauce with oyster mushrooms – a great addition to cereals and mashed potatoes.

A simple recipe for making delicious homemade shawarma with minced meat and oyster mushrooms.

The recipe for a versatile oriental-style marinade quick sauce for cooking mushrooms, vegetables, poultry, shrimp and sausages. We have shown the cooking process on the example of exotic mushroom oring, as well as the usual mushrooms and chicken fillet. The marinade sauce is suitable for fasting.

A salad with chicken, mushrooms and eggs, designed in the form of carrots, is very easy to prepare. A minimum of effort – and the delight of your guests is guaranteed!

Oyster mushroom recipe

Among the many variations of chicken Kiev cutlets stuffed with oyster mushrooms and melted cheese – one of the most delicious. The combination of two varieties of pepper gives spicy meat, and garlic emphasizes and enhances the taste of fragrant mushrooms, pre-fried in butter.

Salad "Hedgehog" of chicken and mushrooms, with Korean carrots – interesting on the outside, delicious inside. Chicken, mushrooms, cheese – all the most favorite in one dish. And of course, Korean carrot has become a bright accent in chicken salad; with it, the proven combination will play a whole new way.

To the approaching Maslenitsa, I want to offer you a recipe for pancake pie with chicken and mushrooms. This pancake cake is perfect as a snack on a festive table. In addition, it can be prepared in advance, freeing up time for other things on a holiday.

How to cook oyster mushrooms? Soups, steaks, casseroles, cutlets are made from these mushrooms, they are added to salads and stews. Dishes from mushrooms "oyster mushroom" nourishing, but not heavy.

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