A one year old child has a fever

Every mom wants her baby to be strong and healthy. The first sign that the baby is unhealthy is manifested in the form of an increase in body temperature. In children under one year, body temperature readings range from 36.2 to 37.4 degrees, which is normal. Only by the year the readings of the body temperature are set at a normal level, which is 36.6-36.8 degrees. Almost every mother is faced with a situation where the thermometer’s readings for a one-year-old baby are above 37 degrees. Normally or not, find out more.

What affects the increase in body temperature in a child?

Everyone knows that normal body temperature is 36.6 degrees. This is an ideal indicator, which is rare, especially in children under one year. Slightly elevated thermometer does not mean that the child develops the disease. Often the main factor affecting the increase in body temperature in a child is disease. The immune system begins to react with alien bacteria, against which the disease develops. As a result of this reaction, energy is released, which manifests itself in the form of an increase in performance on the thermometer.

It is important to know! You can not shoot down the temperature, the readings of which do not exceed 38 degrees in children, because in this way bacteria overwhelming the body can be further spread.

Many mummies simply do not understand the principle of increasing the temperature, so even at 37.5 they rush to put antipyretic suppositories or give syrups. The disease is the main factor, on the basis of which a high value of the thermometer is observed. In addition to it, there are other factors that influence the process of temperature increase. These factors include:

  1. Overheating of the body.
  2. Psychological state.
  3. Large physical overload, but for children it is enough activity during the game, so that the thermometer shows a value above 37 degrees.
  4. Physiological features of the body. Premature babies often have a lower temperature in the range of 36 to 36.4 degrees.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account such factors as the time when the measurement is made. Indeed, in the evening the thermometer will show a higher value than in the morning. If you take a measurement after sleep, the readings will be more likely than when the child is awake or sucks the breast. When measuring, it is necessary to take into account such a factor as the device itself. The most objective for today are mercury thermometers, even in comparison with modern electronic devices.

A one year old child has a fever

Everyone is used to measuring the temperature under the arm, although other than that there are places for measuring it, such as:

  • large intestine, for which the thermometer should be inserted through the anus;
  • oral cavity;
  • ear canal.

If an adult can measure the temperature under his arm to find out if he is sick or not, then the kids will need to take several measurements in different ways.

When measurements are required

Before finding out what body temperature is considered normal for a one-year-old baby, you need to figure out when to take a thermometer. If the child does not show signs that he is sick, then there is no need to take a temperature measurement.

If the baby becomes sluggish, inactive, pale and emaciated, then the parents should think that the little one is not feeling well. First of all, of course, you need to measure the temperature. If the measured body temperature is 38 degrees and higher, then this indicates the presence of the disease. You need to call a doctor and give your child a fever reducing remedy.

To measure the temperature, it is not necessary to take a thermometer in hand, many mothers assess the condition of the baby by applying their lips to his forehead. If the forehead is hot, then it is necessary to use a thermometer, which will allow you to specify the temperature readings.

It is important to know! It is especially necessary to measure the temperature at night, since most infectious diseases occur at night when the child is sleeping. If you do not take timely measures to reduce the heat, the baby may die.

Norm for one year old baby

Each pediatrician knows what the body temperature of a one-year-old toddler should be. At the age of 12 months, the baby is adapting heat transfer, resulting in a body temperature of 36.6-37 degrees. The temperature standard for a one-year-old karapuz is 36.6-37.1 degrees. But it should be noted that such values ​​will not always be detected on a thermometer, but only during sleep, if the child is not sick.

During wakefulness, a thermometer can show up to 37 degrees, which also does not always indicate the presence of a disease. In the year, children usually begin to learn to walk, so excessive activity affects the process of heat transfer. If mommy doubts whether the child is sick or not, she should wait until the pussy falls asleep, and then take measurements.

A temperature of 37 degrees is considered normal if the child is active and does not show signs of fatigue or indisposition. From pediatric practice, it should be noted that the following thermometer values ​​are considered normal for a one-year-old child:

A one year old child has a fever

  • in the armpit thermometer readings are 36.8-37.1 degrees;
  • Normally, the body temperature is 37.2 degrees for rectal measurement;
  • with oral method – 37-37.2 degrees.

These values ​​are average, so do not panic right away if your baby at the age of 1 year shows different indicators.

Tips for correct temperature measurement

There are a number of recommendations that will help parents correctly measure body temperature in a child. These recommendations include:

  1. The baby must have its own thermometer. After each use, clean the device or rinse it with warm water. The device should be stored in a special tube, out of the reach of the child.
  2. For measurements in the oral cavity, you should resort to the use of special thermometers of pacifiers. Measurements under the arms or in the inguinal fold are permitted using standard mercury or electronic thermometers.
  3. The most accurate are the readings of mercury thermometers. The temperature is considered the most accurate if its measurement is carried out with an ordinary mercury thermometer. Electronic thermometers are considered not so accurate, because they have a small error equal to from 0.1 to 0.3 degrees.
  4. In order for the measurement results to be as accurate as possible, it is required to apply the device to the previously dried skin of the axilla.
  5. When measuring in the armpit, it is required to hold the device for at least 5 minutes. Time is not affected by the model of the device and its principle of operation.
  6. With rectal and oral measurement, it takes from 10 seconds to 2 minutes, depending on the device itself. The quickest way to measure is the earwave method. Just a few seconds to find out the value of the body temperature of the baby.
  7. Indicators above 37.5 degrees do not mean that the crumb is sick. Initially, you want to make sure that it does not overheat. After a time, you need to repeat the measurement process.
  8. Regularly monitor the temperature if the baby is sick. At rates above 38 degrees should resort to the use of antipyretics.
  9. Do not take measurements if the baby is crying or naughty, since the readings will not be accurate.

A one year old child has a fever

Determination of average

To obtain the average body temperature of a child at the age of 1 year, it is required to carry out its measurements for 3-5 days. It is necessary to apply the thermometer three times a day, preferably at the same time. After the values ​​are removed during the specified period, they can be added together by dividing by the number of measurements. The resulting value and will be the normal temperature in a one-year-old child.

After such actions, the mother will know that any deviation from the norm indicates the presence of the disease. If after a series of measurements there are too large differences, the procedure should be repeated.

What are the actions of parents in high temperature

When the thermometer reads above 38 degrees, parents should:

  • create comfortable conditions for the baby;
  • take off his wet clothes and change into clean and dry clothes;
  • call the doctor at home if the baby is pale and has signs of cramps;
  • regularly water the child with water, juices, compote;
  • wipe your brow with a damp towel;
  • use antipyretic drug: candles or syrup;
  • feed the child in case he has an appetite;
  • air the room and create a microclimate: the temperature is 20-22 degrees, and the humidity is 65-70%.

Summing up, it is worth noting that the normal temperature for a one-year-old child may differ, so parents are advised to determine the average value over which to orient themselves. If a long time there are high values ​​on the thermometer, then initially you should check the serviceability of the device. If the device is in good condition, you need to consult a doctor.

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