How to calculate the height of the child

Is it possible to calculate your future growth?

Usually the first thing to look at is the growth of the parents. however, the issue remains controversial. In general, the final growth of each person depends on the following factors: the growth of parents and the speed of their development, to which they relate, sooner or lately the family members developed in growth; the age of puberty; chronic diseases and nutrition. What to expect and what will be your height? We give examples of the most frequently asked questions.

Is it possible to calculate your future growth?

The best way to look into the future is to familiarize yourself with your growth schedule with a pediatrician. As a rule, the personal physician constantly monitors the growth of the small patient, recording the data of height and age on his schedule. Therefore, he has a clear idea of ​​what is typical for a child’s health. Healthy children tend to be proportional to growth, which is largely determined by genes. Another way to determine future growth is mathematical, but it will require data on parents’ growth. So, according to the formula below, one can predict growth with an accuracy of plus or minus 5 cm. For girls, this is: [(father’s height – 13 cm) + mother’s height] / 2 For boys: [(mother’s height + 13 cm) + father’s height ] / 2

If the parents are too high or low, will I be the same?

Maybe. Genes obtained from parents play a decisive role in the model of development and ultimate growth of a teenager. But this is not the only factor. Then what causes the beginning of growth or its end? How much can I grow up and what are the differences between growth processes between boys and girls? A rapid growth spurt usually lasts about two years and starts at a different period for boys and girls. Girls are characterized by the age of 9-10 years, boys begin to grow at the age of 11-13 years. During this period, boys add about 10 cm in height annually, girls – about 7.5 cm. This explains the reason that the average height of a man is 13-15 cm above the average height of a woman. The growth process is terminated by the end of puberty.

Are there ways to increase height — for example, posture, food, or dietary supplements?

The best way to grow as high as possible is to stay healthy, eat right, exercise regularly and sleep well. And, despite the fact that nutrition is an important growth factor, many of adolescents do not need specialized supplements. Be careful with products that supposedly stimulate growth. These include pills labeled growth hormones or, in other words, stimulants that are sold in health food stores. A person should not take growth hormones in the form of pills. These products are not as tested as you can think, so you should be careful with them. In fact, growth hormones are prescribed by the doctor in small doses and strictly in accordance with the reasons for low growth. But the daily use of such hormones is not recommended, as it can cause diabetes or an increase in the amount of fluid in the brain.

I am higher or lower than my classmates, and this confuses me. What should I do?

This issue is of concern to many adolescents, whose growth is far from the average, but there is nothing terrible here. It is recommended to begin work on improving your own self-esteem, the best way of which is to concentrate on your merits. Stop and think about what you are good at and what occupation gives you pleasure? If you are easily given sports or dancing, art or science, focus on them. You will have confidence. Remember, the importance of physical attributes will change over time. If you are small, shoes will help you – no matter what sex you are. Another way is to make a high hairstyle. But know that the reason for your small stature can also be that the pace of your development is somewhat slowed down, and the X-ray test of bone age can show whether the period of your growth will last longer than that of your friends.

Do I have to worry about the fact that my height is much lower or higher than the height of my family members?

In this case, it is better to consult a doctor. He will decide whether you need referral to an endocrinologist. In addition, an annual increase in growth of less than 5 cm is also considered abnormal. All these questions should be consulted with a doctor.

How to calculate the height of the child

The article “Can I calculate my future growth?” And other medical articles on the topic “Miscellaneous” on the IOD website.

Predict at the time of childhood and adolescence a person, what height he will have in adulthood. previously considered virtually impossible. As a rule, parents wondered about it, based on their own parameters. If, for example, the father and mother are high, then it was assumed that their child would not be small. However, these forecasts did not always come true. Often, high parents have children grow up relatively low and vice versa. Now scientists have developed a technique that allows determining the future growth of a child with an accuracy of several centimeters, based on several data that are easy to measure.

Parents of those babies who are eager to imagine the growth of their children in the future, it’s enough to arm themselves with a centimeter and weights – and the picture will soon be absolutely clear. To calculate this figure, it is enough just to make a series of simple calculations using a special scheme, using the following data: the child’s age, weight, height and height in the sitting position.

Scientists tested their methods on more than 200 boys and 100 girls, and in most cases their calculations were confirmed: the children grew up with the predicted dynamics. The error in the calculations was about 5 cm in boys and 6-7 in girls. In general, the method gave accurate results for boys and girls aged 6 to 18 who developed normally and did not have any diseases that could affect the dynamics of their growth. Also, doctors say that, perhaps, the method developed by him will not work if it is necessary to calculate the possible growth of a child of a non-European race, as during the development of the scheme (the details of which, by the way, can be found on one of the Internet sites). to the address: http: //

Researchers tend to appreciate their development. In their opinion, this technique, which does not require any special costs, will be a great help in the work, for example, of sports coaches. They particularly point out that all other ways to determine the height of a person in adulthood during his childhood years were associated with significant time and money costs, and also required special studies (such as, for example, the method of studying bone aging).

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How to calculate how your child will grow (VIDEO)

A cute baby, quietly sleeping with her mother in her arms, or the sun, which a couple only dreams of, already contains all the genetic data that may be of interest to parents. Height, color of hair or eyes, as well as many other parameters, the baby receives from them. That is why it is easy to calculate the growth of a child by the height of the parents. In this article we will offer you two options for calculations.

It doesn’t matter whether it will concern the future son or daughter or a very small baby. In any case, this is where you will learn an easy way to calculate the future growth of a child.

A method that will help to know the height of the future baby

Of course, expectant mothers and fathers are incredibly interested in what their child will be when he grows up. That is why at all times they enthusiastically studied the special literature and considered in various ways the probable height of the child. We offer you the most popular and accurate methods of how to calculate the growth of the child in the future.

The first formula is quite simple. If you are interested in a boy, then you need to add the height of the mother and father (in centimeters), then multiply the result of the addition by a factor of 0.54 and subtract 4.5. But if you are interested in the height of a future sweetheart-daughter, then the result of adding the height of mom and dad you need to multiply by a factor of 0.51, and then subtract 7.5.

The following formula belongs to J. Hawker. You need, as in the first, to add the parents’ data, but then you divide the resulting amount by two. And only then, if you are interested in the height of a boy, you add 6.4, and if a girl, you take the same 6.4.

Czech researcher V. Karkus offers the following formula how to calculate the growth of a child in the future. To calculate the parameters of the boy, you need to multiply the height of the mother by a factor of 1.08 and add the parameter of the father. And then, the resulting amount divided by two. In order to find out the height of your daughter, you will need to multiply dad’s height by 0.923, then add the mother’s parameter and, as in the previous formula, divide the amount by two.

These methods will help you learn how to calculate the growth of a child by the height of the parents when the baby is not even born yet. And let the calculations will not be accurate to a centimeter – you can already assess whether your child is high, medium or low.

Calculation of growth dynamics at an early age

If you are interested in how to calculate the growth of a child by the height of its parents, when it is still very small, then you will certainly be interested in the following method.

Given his age and the results obtained, you can easily imagine your child in adulthood with the help of small calculations. A positive result was the absence of various genetic diseases, as well as the prerequisites for their appearance. For example, one can safely add 100 cm to the height of a one-year-old boy. And 95 cm to a girl.

How to calculate the height of the child

It should be noted that the reduction of the programmed genetically parameter is possible if the child in childhood has increased or, conversely, reduced physical exertion. Also possible risk factors will be insufficient sleep and stress. However, if you calculated that your baby will not be tall enough or have noticed a lack of growth in early childhood, this can be changed. To do this, you need to stimulate the child’s metabolism and enhance the growth of bone tissue. This, above all, contribute to such sports as swimming, horizontal bars, as well as yoga. In addition, it is very important to ensure that the baby’s nutrition is complete, and the mental attitude is positive.

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