How to change the shape of the breasts

We are able to shape the female breast. And the success is not so much in the quality of our clothes, as in the professional selection of the right size and model, which is carried out by the masters in our salons!

The most beautiful form of the breast in the photo was recently published by the American publishing house InTouch. According to the magazine, the actress and singer Jessica Simpson received a palm.

This is the result of a fashionable American rating. Is there a more objective photo with the perfect shape of the female breast? What is the “right” and what is the wrong shape of the breast? Are there any objective criteria other than those created by the fashion industry (and, by the way, they also differ from edition to edition)?

Controversial issue. But we will try to figure it out.

What breast shape do men like?

No one can appreciate the beauty of female forms as a man. Naturally, who can appreciate beauty if not to seduce whom it is intended.

It is believed that guys like big breast forms. But this is a fallacy. Men are attracted when everything is in moderation: the third size is the most popular. In second place is second and fourth. The rest are less popular, but also have fans. And as to what the correct and ugly breast shape is, a definite answer will most likely not be achieved.

Moreover, if a man is very partial to a woman, then even the unusual shape of the breast in the photo or in real life is not able to embarrass him.

You can, however, go for a little trick: get into your lover’s computer and look at the beautiful forms of the chest in the photo, which, for example, are on the wallpaper on the desktop. Unless, of course, the woman carrying out the “check” is not touchy and not jealous.

So. Statistics of male opinions did not give an unambiguous answer about whether there is a better breast shape in women in pictures or in life.

Well, it’s time to ask the doctors this question.

What determines the shape of the breast

What do professional mammologists and cosmetologists say? Medicine knows exactly what determines the shape of the breast:

1. Different forms of the female breast in the photo are mainly due to hereditary factors. It is transmitted genetically in the same way as, for example, the shape of the ears.

2. Endocrine factors. By the age of 12-14, sex hormones begin to be released in the girl, which regulate breast growth. By age 25, breast augmentation ends.

3. The shape and size of the female breast, is largely determined by the presence of adipose tissue in it. In any mammary gland contains the same amount of glandular tissue. But the fat layer affects both size and shape.

4. Connective tissue (ligaments) is the skeleton of the chest. Therefore, the types of breast forms are determined by the strength and structure of connective tissue fibers.

5. The mammary gland is generally supported by muscle tissue. Therefore, the breasts of various shapes with photos differ depending on the strength and development of muscles.

6. If there is any pathology of the mammary gland, this also violates its shape and size.

Medicine describes in general terms what forms of the female breast are, but also does not give an idea of ​​the ideal. Glands should be two, they should have a normal internal structure, there should be normally formed nipples.

Among doctors there is the concept of “norm”, but there is no concept of “ideal.”

The most beautiful form of the breast: the brilliant discovery of scientists from Palermo!

And yet the purely anatomical shape of the breast was adjusted to the modern ideals of beauty! And it was done not so long ago by Italian scientists from Palermo. They came up with a universal formula that allows to evaluate the various forms of the breast. Look at the image below:

How to change the shape of the breasts

Presents the calculation of the shape of the female breast in the picture. It is easy to find out if breast shape correction is required. Just calculate three sizes as shown in the image.

Then divide ac in half, and divide the resulting value by bc or ba.

If you end up with 0.4 – 0.6, then you have an almost perfect type of breast shape.

Less than 0.4 – the mammary glands sagged, and breast shape correction is required.

More than 0.6 – the glands are too high, in this case, changing and improving the shape of the breast is more difficult.

Let us evaluate some more indicators. Here it is, the “gold standard”:

  • the gap between the nipples 20-21 centimeters;
  • distance from navel to nipple – 24 – 25 centimeters;
  • the distance from the jugular notch to the nipple (in the picture is ba and bc) is 17-18 centimeters.

If you do not fall under the standards, then do not immediately think about how to change the shape of the breast. A little difference doesn’t matter. In addition, there are men who like women’s breasts of unusual and irregular shape.

Below we will talk about what happens and how to determine the shape of the breast from the photo. But first, let’s talk about a simple test that can be used without going into details.

Just place a simple pencil under your chest. Immediately falls to the floor? Preliminary diagnosis: your breasts are perfect. Chest “pinches” and “does not let go” pencil? It’s time to think about how to get your chest in shape.

Classification and types of forms and sizes of the female breast with illustrative photos

Let’s see what are the forms of the breast. Of course, the bust of every woman is unique and inimitable. But men find it difficult to navigate the world of the mammary glands, so they come up with all sorts of classifications.

Below are generalized photos with views of breast forms. Each form of a female breast and a breast of girls has a name, sometimes funny, but precisely reflecting the essence.

The classification appeared in Spain and initially performed … guessing function! It turns out that the shape of the breast determined the fate of a woman! Today, the old division of the breasts was adopted by psychologists and sexologists.

Breast shape fox nose – the name that speaks for itself. Very characteristic. It is believed that such women are faithful in marriage and creative in bed. As a species – a bust in the form of a teapot.

The form of a breast in the form of an apple is classic round. Such women are not always true and often change partners.

How to change the shape of the breasts

Breast form goat. In fact, it is a triangular breast, which for some reason has received such a peculiar name. Another name is the tubular shape of the breast, the conical shape of the breast (more general term). For these women there are no complexes and rules in the intimate sphere.

As a variety, you can mark a chest in the form of a paddle – it is also cone-shaped, but the nipples are wide apart, “looking” in different directions.

Chest in the shape of a pear – these women are quite capricious and scandalous. A pear-shaped variety of female breast forms promises adventures both for its owner and for her partner.

Peach breast shape. Such women are sensual, tender. They are just made for sex.

Lemon chest shape. Cheeky Self-ironic. But these women do not like the change of familiar surroundings and surprises.

The melon breast shape is large and rounded. Such ladies can be good mothers or very capricious narcissistic young ladies.

Eggplant is not the most beautiful form of a breast, but such women are very strong-willed, they are excellent bosses.

The teardrop shape of the breast is attached most often with the help of silicone implants.

Oranges – the shape of the breast can also be represented by association. Such women are time bombs. With age, when other women think about how to shape their breasts, the appetites of the owners of “oranges” only grow.

Saucer. Not the perfect bust. But its owners rarely think about how to improve the shape of the breast. They patiently endure life and know how to bring it to the end.

“Bee bites” – the smallest breast size. Such women are stubborn and rarely change something in life. Some of them complex and think about how to make a beautiful breast shape.

Pancakes and “spaniel ears” are flat shapes, which can be an individual feature or the result of the fact that the breast has lost its shape after pregnancy and childbirth.

Cranberries are small spherical. A smaller version of apples, like potatoes.

There are other classifications and types of shapes and sizes of the female breast with a photo. We led the most common and universal. In principle, it is possible to complicate the classification to infinity.

Above it can be seen that the shape of the female breast and the character of its owner are closely related.

What happens to the breast during pregnancy and feeding the baby?

Women often ask questions about how to return the shape of the breast after childbirth. In order to answer correctly, we first look at how the shape of the breast changes during pregnancy.

Breast form during pregnancy becomes more lush. The female body is attacked by a mass of hormones that lead to the growth of glandular tissue. Both the skin and the connective tissue, which is the skeleton of the organ, are stretched.

Even more severe changes undergo breast shape after breastfeeding. When the glands begin to secrete a lot of milk, they swell and stretch even more.

After lactation and HS, the breast form is always disturbed. The level of hormones decreases, the amount of glandular tissue decreases. Overstretched soft tissues and muscles cause flaccidity of the mammary gland. Gradually, the breast form is restored after childbirth. But not always to the original form. How to stay pretty? How to restore breast shape after childbirth? Read about it below, under the heading “How to return the breast to its former form.”

And here we will talk about effective prevention. So, during pregnancy and HB, you need to:

1. You will not be faced with the question of how to return the shape of the breast after feeding, if you will perform its massage and gymnastics (how – a gynecologist will be able to tell you about it).

2. Careful and proper personal hygiene is also of great importance.

3. Wear only underwear hb.

4. To save the shape of the breast after childbirth will help special bras for pregnant women. But they need to be properly selected.

And now let’s see how breast shape is restored after feeding and after age changes.

How to correct breast shape?

Pregnancy and age can greatly disrupt the shape of the mammary glands. Until the age of 25, the problem is most often not relevant to a woman. And then there may be problems.

First, let’s see how to keep the shape of the breast. What needs to be done daily?

  • Protect the mammary glands from injury, excessive tanning and other harmful effects.
  • Proper diet – another answer to the question of how to give a beautiful breast shape. Meals with an abundance of milk, vegetables and fruits, vitamins A, E, C will definitely benefit. At the same time, prolonged hunger strikes are a great test for the body, and especially for the mammary glands.
  • Massage with the help of the shower and cold douche – a kind of exercise to improve and maintain the shape of the breast.
  • You can not slouch – so you “spoil” the bust.
  • Exercise to restore a beautiful breast form is another important point.

And how to correct the shape of the breast, if the violation has already occurred or it is not very beautiful initially?

Full restoration of the breast shape is possible only after becoming acquainted with the plastic surgeon’s scalpel. When anatomical changes take place, alas, the other methods are ineffective.

Is it possible to change the shape of the breast in other ways? There is an alternative – this corrective underwear:

  • breast form and bra are closely interrelated: you can work wonders when purchasing high-quality underwear and selecting the right one;
  • You can use a corset to improve the shape of the breast, as well as a lot of other means: bustier, grace, etc .;
  • Stickers and silicone molds are also used to support the breast.

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