What can you drink from the head of a pregnant

Good day, my dear! Oh, these magnetic storms, head like cast iron, pressure jumps. Imagine what is now pregnant. In the body, and so all 9 months there is a quiet revolution, and when even in the “head” battalion of unrest, it becomes altogether difficult.

The worst thing is that many future moms suffer from migraines, which sometimes exhaust them completely, not wanting to poison the baby with pills. On the one hand, this is correct, but on the other, lingering pain hurts both mom and crumbs, no less than medicines. Especially now there are many sparing effective means. So, today I will tell you what you can drink from the head during pregnancy.

Do not tolerate

The principle – “do no harm” is one of the main not only in medicine, but also in the process of carrying a child. Much of what a future mother eats or drinks can be used against … a baby. Therefore, the choice of drugs during this period must be treated especially responsibly, and it is imperative that you consult with your doctor for any reason.

Do not be afraid to appear annoying, it is better to “outrun” than to clear up the consequences of your “initiative”. All my advice is not clerical, but only a recommendation. The final decision is for your gynecologist.

Headache can not be tolerated in any case! Pregnant women need to be doubly attentive to their head, and be sure to get rid of unpleasant sensations, and here’s why. When the headache hurts, blood pressure increases significantly, pulse speeds up, adrenaline is intensively produced. If the pain is not eliminated, you risk getting a vicious circle: a spasm of blood vessels provoked the production of adrenaline, and that, in turn, will again cause a spasm.

Our task is to interrupt this “cycle” until the pain has passed into a chronic one, or has not led to more serious consequences. Headaches can cause irreversible physiological changes in brain cells, and even destroy some of them. Depressive states and mood swings are also tricks of under-treated pain in the head.

Authorized funds

In pregnant women, headaches are often caused by excessive worries and anxieties about their baby. In the first trimester, they may occur due to hypotension (low blood pressure), which is characteristic of this period. By the end of pregnancy, the pressure, on the contrary, increases, and again provokes a migraine.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons for headaches in future mothers. Now let’s figure out how to get rid of it. Read here more carefully, because at the end I will announce the list of strictly prohibited drugs.

In the early stages, doctors do not recommend drinking any pills. Very much the risk of harm to the fetus. Now it is just being formed, and potent drugs are able to make their own “adjustments” in the development of the baby. For the first three months, it is recommended to get rid of the headache by frequent airing of the room where the future mom sleeps, during the daytime sleep in silence (not under the “accompaniment” of the TV!) And without a pillow. After sleep, the pain often goes away.

What can you drink from the head of a pregnant

If it does not recede, make a compress of cabbage leaves, after mashing them, to let the juice. Well helps massage of the temples or tight headbanding with a thick scarf or a scarf made of natural fabric. Ask your spouse to prepare you an infusion of chamomile or lemon balm. In any case, relieve the pressure. When reduced – drink strong black tea with sugar.

In the second trimester, bouts of pain in the head are well relieved by paracetamol-based medications: Efferalgan and Panadol. These are quite effective and at the same time harmless means. Panadol Extra can not only relieve pain, but also increase the reduced pressure, because it contains caffeine. The most important thing is to strictly observe the dosage.

Among the permitted drugs is the well-known No-shpa. She quickly relaxes muscles and relieves spasm. Ibuprofen (Nurofen, Pentalgin) is considered conditionally safe. You can drink it only from 12 weeks to 25 weeks of pregnancy, as it greatly affects the functioning of the heart and lungs, and in a baby can cause premature closure of the arterial duct. Before you buy Ibuprofen in a pharmacy, ask your gynecologist for advice. He must approve its use and prescribe the appropriate dosage for your term.

All the above drugs with the permission of a doctor can be taken in the 3rd trimester.

Citramon and other “pests”

And now attention! Little scary stories. In no case should you drink during pregnancy if you have a headache.

  • Citramon Aspirin is a part of it, and it is fraught for the baby with pathologies of the circulatory system. There are cases when a child was born with anomalies of the upper palate after the use of Citramone by the mother. Generic activity after aspirin “libations” is extremely inactive, and the crumb can simply suffocate in the birth canal.
  • Depakot. Causes changes in the fetus and neural tube defects
  • Fiorinal. Contains a sleeping pill!
  • Tryptan, Ergotamine, Sumatriptan. May cause involuntary abortion, as they have the ability to reduce the uterus.
  • Propranol, Timolol, Atenolol. Cause neonatal hypoglycemia in a baby.

Write out a list of dangerous drugs on your list, so as not to forget. And I will finally talk about some time-tested folk remedies that can be used with or with approved drugs.

Herbs and compresses

Herbal infusions quickly relieve spasms of blood vessels and relieve headaches.

  • The infusion of Hypericum is prepared as follows: 1 tbsp. l pour a glass of boiling water, drink one-third before a meal (about half an hour)
  • Chamomile Infusion: Take 1 tbsp. a spoonful of dried chamomile flowers, pour 250 ml. water and boil for 5 minutes, then let the broth brew for 20 minutes and strain. Drink 1/3 after meals.

Separately, it should be mentioned about compresses. They are easy to make and they greatly facilitate the state. The simplest one is a damp cloth moistened with cold water. Wring out, put on the forehead and lie down for 15 minutes. When the fabric warms up, we again wet it in water and lie the same amount. You can wrap a cloth with a few pieces of ice. Another option is to moisten a piece of woolen cloth in a mixture of equal quantities of olive oil and vinegar.

If you have antique antique copper coins at home, get them out of the chest or box. They will treat you too. Depending on exactly which part of the head the pain is concentrated, attach the coins to the temples, the forehead or the back of the head. Those who have tried this method claim that the head stops hurting after 15 minutes!

Who knows, maybe the pills will be powerless before a migraine, and a decoction of chamomile or a light massage of the temples will help immediately. I have completed my task for today, told about the safest methods of treating headaches in pregnant women. Again, it can not be tolerated, it is dangerous! And why, if there is a mass of funds to get rid of this trouble?

Health to you, dear mothers, future and already experienced. Invite your relatives and acquaintances to our cozy mezhdusoboychik. I would be glad to all. And also leave your reviews about the publication.

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