Determination of the biological approach

Materials on modern methods of research in biology, its sections and related disciplines

Figure: Basic branches of biology.

Determination of the biological approachAt present, biology is conditionally divided into two large groups of sciences.

Biology of organisms: sciences about plants (botany), animals (zoology), mushrooms (mycology), microorganisms (microbiology). These sciences study separate groups of living organisms, their internal and external structure, lifestyle, reproduction and development.

General Biology: molecular level (molecular biology, biochemistry and molecular genetics), cellular (cytology), tissue (histology), organs and their systems (physiology, morphology and anatomy), populations and natural communities (ecology). In other words, general biology studies life at various levels.

Biology is closely related to other natural sciences. So, at the junction between biology and chemistry appeared biochemistry and molecular biology, between biology and physics – biophysics, between biology and astronomy – space biology. Ecology, located at the junction of biology and geography, is now often regarded as an independent science.

Determination of the biological approach

The tasks of students in the course of study Modern methods of biological research

1. Acquaintance with various methods of research in various fields of biology.

Determination of the biological approach

Decision and reporting: 1) Writing a review essay on research methods in various fields of biology. Minimum requirements for the content of the abstract: description of 5 research methods of 1-2 pages (font 14, spacing

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