Fight or flight stress

Hello to all. My name is Arseny. The article will be interesting to those who want to stop drinking.

I want to share with you my story with alcohol and tell you how I managed to stop drinking alcohol. I think this will certainly help someone. I drank about 10 years. Now for 3 years now I have been leading a completely sober lifestyle. I will briefly talk about how I lived depending, and at the end I will share in a specific way how to stop drinking, who helped me.

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It all started quite normally, however, like everyone else: gatherings with friends over a beer, student days, accompanied by liters of alcohol.

The years went by and the alcohol firmly and somehow naturally fit into my life. He began to accompany all weekends and all holidays. I could no longer imagine a vacation without alcohol. I drank mostly beer, but also often used vodka, brandy and whiskey. Although I preferred to mix strong drinks with cola or juice. So it seemed to me that I was drinking a low-alcohol drink for taste, and, therefore, I could not develop alcohol dependence. How wrong I was then!

Over time, I began to drink almost every day. I didn’t drink only once or twice a week, proving to myself that I can live without alcohol and everything is fine with me. At that time, stop drinking finally was not in thought.

If on weekdays I allowed myself to drink on average only 3-4 bottles of beer, then at the weekend I didn’t know what to do and drank to heaps. On such days I could drink a lot, 4-6 liters of beer, the bay is cocktails and brandy. But I tried not to count and not realize how much I drank. I stopped drinking only when I could no longer physically pour alcohol into myself until I was just mechanically cut down.

Fight or flight stressPoor my organism, how did he stand it? I did not care, most importantly, I received relaxation and a dull state of joy. I don’t know where that line between the usual rest with alcohol and when I started having serious mental problems. Then for the first time, I began to think about quitting drinking. I began to notice that life, when I had to be sober, became completely uncomfortable for me. When I did not drink, I felt constantly dissatisfied and irritated. I waited for the day when I could finally drink and run away from the dull everyday life. I thought that I was undeservedly deprived of life:

  • I didn’t like work
  • there were almost no friends
  • there was no relationship.

The only thing I could influence was that I could afford to buy a few bottles of my favorite beer and enjoy it. Over time, I began to cling less and less, I began to lean more on spirits. Began to accompany drinks at the same time with other dependencies:

  • smoked a pack a day
  • played computer games for 15 consecutive hours,
  • leaned on fast food
  • hung on obscene sites

I used any method that allows me to forget and not think about reality. I began to isolate myself from society, it became more comfortable for me to drink alone at home when no one can disturb me. I began to refuse any official meetings with friends, where I knew that I would not drink as much as I wanted.

Outwardly, I watched myself so that no one could accuse me of my weakness for alcohol. I found any reason to drink. Over time, I began to drink every day. I needed alcohol to survive. I wanted to quit drinking, but in sobriety I had so much increased anxiety and depression that I drank again, forgetting my intentions. I constantly rule inexplicable anxiety. And only when I drank could I relieve tension. This condition was caused by the alcohol itself, which then successfully removed the condition. But I learned this only when I began to study in detail the information on how to stop drinking.

When I did not drink, it became:

  • irritable
  • vicious
  • upturned
  • reacted sharply and aggressively to events that in fact did not require such a reaction from me.

I should always have a pack of cigarettes, because somehow I had to cope with a negative reality?

I felt that something was obviously wrong with my life, but I was afraid to stop drinking, so I could lose my only joy and support in the form of alcohol.

Beer always accompanied me. I drank at home, in a cafe, I did not need a special reason to drink.

Over time, it became difficult for me to do even ordinary things — tidying up at home, or calling someone. I did not see the point of deciding something or striving for something; it was easier for me to escape from life into my own alcoholic beer world. So I could at least get a guaranteed high. Often my parties that went far ended in fights with random people, drives to the police, lost money, telephones, and other things that I still feel ashamed of.

Fight or flight stress

How did I manage to stop drinking?

How nice that all this is in the past. For the past 3 years, I do not drink and do not smoke. But my path to sobriety was not as easy as it might seem at first glance.

Even before I quit drinking, I began to study information about my addiction, I studied the entire Internet in search of the answer to the question “how to quit drinking”.

But what I discovered: the bulk of the information is dummies that are unable to help a person stop drinking. Tons of delusions, prejudices, which only alienated the person from the true recovery.

I hardly clung to those valuable bits of information that were rarely, but still met on my way in search. It was the knowledge gained that helped me to stop drinking completely.

Understand that everyone can stop drinking. Maybe now you are full of motivation, and it seems to you that you will never drink again. But it will take several days, weeks, and the strongest may take several months, but sooner or later you will fall off and start drinking again. This is an ambush. That is, the main problem is not to stop drinking, but to not start drinking again.

Now my goal is to bring the valuable information that I received with such difficulty to every person who wants to learn how to stop drinking. I gathered all the information together, brought it into a form understandable for each person and presented it on this blog.

In this video, I told my story:

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