Happy flower psychology

A beautiful day, a magical holiday – Uniting hearts! So congratulations are many different … Now you are together, finally! On your wedding day, I wish you so that the fire does not die away! Let every day inspire you Natively squeeze your palm!

How beautiful is the bride in love with a halo, And the groom to match her: young, daring! You are entering into new roles today, And becoming a strong, happy family! Let the sparks of love between you not go out, For many years you live among good people! Let questions decided unanimously, Happiness in the house, love to you, beautiful children!

On this memorable day and happy, We so want to say a lot, Words and warm, and very beautiful And with all my heart wish:

Happy flower psychology

Happiness is bright, happiness is big, A lot of joy, a lot of love, A daughter is the first, a son is the second, A strong, friendly, fun family!

To tenderness was and freedom, To friends did not decrease the circle, Be happy for many years! And do not know neither troubles, nor separation!

Congratulations on the wonderful wedding – We are glad to see the shine of eyes! We wish you the protection of heaven, so that in life you are lucky every time!

From now on, you have become spouses, And you stand at the beginning of the path … May you go to your far distances Together will happily go!

May your family be happy, Your home will be a full cup! Life together will be beautiful, And love may burn with fire!

Happy flower psychology

As if two fast-flowing rivers met, From love feelings to one, they merged. Two hearts of yours, two true hands, Strong marriage, intertwined for the rest of your life!

On this day, you said – YES! Before each other, by God and the law. Let your eyes shine with happiness, And the family will become a reliable bastion!

In the rays of the pre-dawn bride is beautiful, The groom is noble and the feelings are bright. Today, another time has come, Today you will form a family. We wish you happiness on this road, To carry this love through the years, So that only luck is on your doorstep, Zulila to you joy everywhere and always. Live relatives, take care of love, Let the laughter and fun knock at your home, Keep your hearth, give birth to children, Leave sadness and sadness for later.

Let never darken A happy life dawn, May it always be sweet to you, Well, today "Bitter!"

All the best to you and life and health, Wealth, peace and warmth. This family, warmed by love, is always reliable and strong.

May the union be your only joy, May the children be near you, Friends, let us shout: "Bitter!" Live in harmony, at a good hour!

Happy flower psychology

With love, tenderness and a bigBy life you go. Until the golden wedding, live in harmony!

We wish that the husband and wife do not know the joys of another, How to love each other carefully. So that the spouse was wise,

Yes, and the hostess is not bad. And the husband so that he was the head of the family, So that he valued his wife, To be like behind a stone wall

My wife felt myself. Let the beginning be a success, And then – happiness without end, How endless are two rings!

From the heart of young people we congratulate the birthday of the new family, And we cordially send you Wishes of eternal love! Be happy, live together, May you have many children, Well, invite the whole family to celebrate our anniversary!

Dear young people, we want to wish you to continue to divide your adversities in half. So that the joys of life are also for two, For happiness and peace you carry in your hearts. Congratulations to the newlyweds with this day of air dreamsWe wish the magician them to the country of love carried away. Let hardships and sorrows be left behind, so that only inspiration waits ahead. So that you find your niche in the vast world, In order to make all your desires come true. Be happy, family, be near forever, And let the earthly troubles never meet you.

Have you everything that endows years, Without exchanging gold for copper, To have a million for small expensesAnd a billion for other things to have!

And terem so – pokrashe yes higher, And the table is large for our dear guests. And beyond the plans – under our own roofHave happy own children!

May your day be desired – light, the way is clear – without friction, without interference! We wish you all the best in this world, worldly joys and sweet pleasures!

The glasses are jingling, the guests have gathered together to greet the families of the birth. And you look so wonderful, embraced, Not a couple, not lovers, but a glimpse. I wish you to bring this happiness Through all the years, through the trials. You will find the wonderful children together and fulfill all your innermost desires.

For happiness, you must walk to the mountain, and take more than one height. So let unnecessary quarrels Pass your house a mile and a half. Let your hearts never get old And beat love without melting. And let your family live from year to year.

How wonderful it is to find happiness, to decorate the year with love, to find support and joy and to never lose again. Today you played your wedding, and opened the new door, We wish you to love each other even at the very edge. Appreciate your care, cherish your dreams, Speak simple words, And let bloom in the heart of color, And the romance will be alive.

Happiness to you, friends, newlyweds, Joy and the brightest

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