How to meditate and clear your mind

A few years ago I first heard about Hooponopono. What an interesting word! It caused my curiosity.

Passion and kindness in this method of treatment seemed to me so exciting that I wrote down this word to explore it.

“The time has come,” I told myself, so I began to read and listen to everything I had to learn about this method and start practicing it. And, despite my initial mistrust, the technique fascinated me. I have to admit that I applied Hooponopono, and this greatly helped me to heal the wounds from my past and continues to do healing work in the present.

What is Hooponopono

Hooponopono is a spiritual method of mental and emotional healing that the ancient Hawaiians created. He helps us solve problems in our lives. It is said that the technique dates back more than 5000 years.

It can be said that this direction becomes the philosophy of life, focused on love, to bring inner peace and balance through simplicity.

Hooponopono means correct solution or correction of an error. But what mistake should you fix? We will see it a little later, be patient.

It is said that many centuries ago, the first inhabitants of Hawaii had already made it a rule to practice this practice in order to improve their lives. When there was a conflict between their family members, they all got together to strengthen their coexistence under the guidance of an old shaman or kahun (also called the keeper of secrets). And until complete forgiveness was reached, the meeting did not end. This approach has been practiced for centuries.

Hooponopono is based on the fact that the cause of all the problematic situations that we have in our life are created by memories that are inherited genetically at the level of consciousness and erroneous patterns that circulate through our subconscious mind.

Our mind never stops, it constantly travels into the past and the future on a compulsive path. The repetition of memories occurs constantly. And if they are good, then everything is fine, but if the mental flows are negative, we have a problem.

If we want to change these memories, we have to let them go, fill them with love, joy and positive.

We can say metaphorically that with the help of the cleansing method we press the delete key on our emotional and spiritual hard disk. We neutralize the pain and mistakes that are fixed in our soul and that come from our ancestors and past life. We empty our subconscious memories, patterns and emotions and connect with our inner peace.

Hooponopono is a method of healing our inner patterns and embracing the whole universe. The initial premise is that the whole universe is a unit, so we are responsible for everything that happens in it.

If I am the universe, I am responsible for everything that happens!

This statement is difficult to understand for many. I also encountered this. Am I responsible for what the other person is doing on the other side of the earth? Well, maybe! It’s hard to guess, right? But in the practice that we study, everything is interconnected.

Here our beliefs and the spiritual DNA of each of them come into force. Accepting this concept may reject you, as it happened to me. Can we only accept this because of the reflection of our deepest essence, overflowing with inner peace and humility. Perhaps to understand this, you need to go into the depths.

How to find inner peace. Quick Start Guide

In the practice of Hooponopono, in order to have quick results, we voluntarily take responsibility to heal the situation. Although we are not the only responsible party, we know that everything in the world reflects us. And if something happens, it is necessary for our growth. Each of us decides whether we want to do it or not.

And we are talking about responsibility, in which we become the master of life. We do not accuse third parties. We are the ones who have to change, not the others. A change in us will change the environment.

We are responsible for everything, as we are a part of the whole.

In fact, we inherited patterns, attitudes, ways of thinking, actions, and even behavior from our ancestors. And some of them are not quite healthy. We have unsolved problems that are inherited by each generation of the family. It is here that the method appears that is able to cleanse these limitations of the mind, it becomes the ideal tool for performing emotional or spiritual purification.

According to its internal functioning, it is said that what you eliminate or purify in yourself will be erased in seven previous generations and seven subsequent generations.

When we can throw off and empty our essence and our subconscious, which hurts us, our life becomes more perfect and harmonious. We manage to attract positive energy.

We clean our programs because we want to be happy, free from connections with a negative past, because we already suffer enough. The time has come to rediscover ourselves, to live and enjoy life, to love and accept ourselves as we are.

Perhaps situations that we do not like still exist, but we will be the ones who change themselves and the world, and we will focus on the best, clearing what negatively affects us.

In fact, the fundamental and powerful part of the cleansing process is that it is a direct path to our inner world, full of peace and love.

Pattern exemption works at a deep level, it helps in healing our karma. Transforming unprocessed problems into a positive.

Hooponopono technology for beginners

It focuses on two very simple steps to accomplish:

1. Take responsibility for what you want to heal.

For example, if you want to help a patient, you are responsible for his illness. You openly admit that everything in the world is one, and therefore you are responsible for it.

How to meditate and clear your mind

2. Ask the Universe to heal what exists in you, what caused this situation.

You can ask God, the Universe, or the one you want. The main thing is to do it sincerely with deep humility and understanding.

How to meditate and clear your mind

How is the therapy?

The practice of hooponopono is very simple if made from the heart. The basic concepts for this process are repentance, forgiveness, gratitude and love.

Nowadays, when we have a situation in front of us that causes pain or suffering for someone, we take responsibility. And we are turning to the universe, say:

Forgive me and heal in me what caused this situation.

As you can see, it is very simple. We no longer need to complicate anything. It is enough to calm the mind, tune in and conduct a meditation that will purify that which interferes with a happy life.

But if you want to devote more time to practice, you can do more in-depth work on the limiting situation to get in touch with our subconscious and superconscious.

It is about retirement, being in a relaxed atmosphere for a while, taking a pen and paper and answering many questions to help clear the mind and find a way out:

  • What has to do with this problem?
  • What inside of me can create such a situation?
  • What are the mental and emotional patterns that I usually have?
  • What behavior is repeated?
  • What memories are associated with this?
  • How do I usually act in similar situations?
  • Does my way to solve the problem?
  • What do I think of my previous answers?
  • I found something in myself that I did not know?
  • How do I feel about this? What are my feelings?
  • What can I do to improve this situation?
  • What is my action plan?

How to meditate and clear your mind

Once this work is completed, you can proceed to the next step.

Four Hooponopono Healing Phrases: What Do They Mean?

I thank you

You need to say these phrases loudly and with feeling out loud or in your mind. This will allow us to verbalize the process, linking the emotions, the heart and the mind with the reality that we want to clear. The more we pronounce them, the more they gain strength.

Let’s analyze each phrase:

I’m sorry

With these words, we recognize our responsibility for the situation we want to cure. We release the burden of the past, the harmful or erroneous memory that is set in us and which we want to clear.

Forgive me

The point is that you ask for forgiveness for having so long polluted yourself with these negative ideas and did not let go of all those erroneous memories that filled you and created your reality. Your vibration level will be balanced as soon as they are gone.

Thank you!

Despite the fact that it is difficult for us to agree with our karma, we thank Cosmos for all the mistakes that we made, for the patterns that we have accumulated in our genetic memory, for all the situations, problems and experience that life has supplied us and thus gave us the opportunity clean them up.

I love you

Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Love can transform everything. We tell our memories that we love them and free ourselves from this situation.

As you can see, the approach is very similar to the one that Jesus Christ preached, that is, he said that we must use love to solve the problems that we have and that cause us harm and pain.

Next step

There is the next step to go further; it makes the Hooponopono method even more powerful.

As we saw earlier, the method itself revolves around the idea that everything is a unit, and if everything is a unit, this means that we are part of the universe.

Thus, we take all the responsibility for the whole process, not only for the problem, but also for the solution.

In the classic version, the responsibility for the decision lies with the Universe. But if we are part of the Divine energy, wouldn’t it be much more effective to answer for everything in our life?

This is a modification of the previous method, and when we ask the Universe to correct the situation, we ask that we can do it ourselves.

To use an advanced version of the technology and at the same time feel comfortable, it is recommended to start with the realization that you are a part of God, you have the same energy, so you can also transform your life.

If you have not reached this step, then use the traditional version until you are ready to move to another level.

Leading leaders practicing Hooponopono

Now I want to introduce you to two great world leaders: Simeon Morrna and Hugh Lin.

Morrna Simeon

Morrna Simeon was born in 1913 in Hawaii. She left this world, having gone to another dimension, in 1992. She is recognized as one of the greatest healers, and in 1983 was honored by Hawaiian residents.

She was also invited to teach the method to the United Nations, to WHO and to medical centers around the world.

Clean, wash and find your own world. Where? Inside you.

She did a reorientation of the method, deeply updating the Hooponopono ancient Hawaiian philosophy, so that it could be restored and applied in our time.

Basically, this reorientation is that the technique is now performed individually. It is no longer necessary that the whole family get together for the process of forgiveness and cleansing. In our time, this is not so easy to do, especially if the relatives are in different cities, or if not everyone is ready for spiritual growth.

What we have cleared is erased from the genetic memory of others, that is, after working on some pattern independently, it will disappear not only from you, but from your whole family, relatives and ancestors, that is, a great erasure of the codes stored in the memory will occur , freeing us from unnecessary. According to the author, the main goal of the practice is to discover the divinity within oneself.

Powerful prayer from Simeon

Divine Creator, father, mother and son.

If I, my family, relatives and ancestors offended you, your family, relatives and ancestors in thoughts, words, deeds and actions, I humbly ask your forgiveness. Let all memories, blocks, energies and negative vibrations be cleansed and transmuted into pure light energy.

Morrna Simeon worked with the methods of interpenetration of the subconscious, conscious and superconscious.

Thus, she says that we can associate our essence or inner being, true love, with the divine source. This will fill us with harmony, peace and complete happiness.

She believes that we are the total amount of our experience. When we experience stress or fear, if we look closely, we find that the reason for this lies in our memory. It is the emotional component that is tied to those memories that affect us.

The main goal, according to Simeon, is to find a divine principle in oneself. With the help of the practice of purification, which is a real gift, we can create a strong and mutual connection with the Universe within ourselves and free ourselves from mistakes, to gain freedom and happiness.

Who is Dr. Hugh Ling?

Here is his exciting and incredible story:

Hugh Ling is an outstanding student of Simeon Morrna, he worked with her, accompanied her while traveling around the world.

He continued to research and improve the methodology and devoted his life to it in order to bring knowledge to people and update their concepts.

In his opinion, the only task in the world is to restore our personality, mind, and return them to their original state.

His healing story is fascinating. In Hawaii, there is a hospital with a psychiatry department. There was a pavilion where mentally ill patients were located, which were considered very dangerous, so many people were delayed in this work.

When Dr. Hugh Lin got a job, he agreed that he would not face off against patients. After the doctor carefully and carefully studied each case, he began to dive inside himself to see how he caused the patient’s illness.

After a month of practicing Hooponopono, many patients who were bedridden began to walk freely around the grounds. Others, who were under the influence of strong medicine, were glad that they had begun to lower their dose. Some have been released.

In addition, radical changes also occurred to the hospital staff, all those who were on medical leave due to stress were asked to return to work, and those who left wanted to restore their places in the hospital.

As a result, they have more employees than they need. Dr. Lin developed his methodology there for four years. Today this pavilion is closed. He is no longer needed.

How could he achieve this? According to Lina himself, he healed a part of his being, which gave birth to the illnesses of patients. While he analyzed the case histories of each of his patients, he repeated over and over: “Forgive me, I love you.”

Hugh Lina’s Prayer

I proceed from vacuum to light.

I am the breath that nourishes life.

I am perfect and absolute.

I draw a rainbow through the waters, a continuity of mind in matter.

I am inhalation and exhalation, a transparent and invisible breeze, an indefinable atom of creation.

How to meditate with Hooponopono?

As you can see, the system of applying the purification technique is very simple.

However, there are three necessary rules to get a quick result:

The first is to use it regularly, and not only when problems appear.

The second is to do it with faith. Need to reuse tools again and again. Faith is fundamental to the use of the method; it cannot be questioned.

The third is not to use intelligence. If we use rational thinking in Hooponopono, the process is interrupted. It must be from the heart.

Remember that it is you who decides whether you want to leave your comfort zone and clear your genetic memory of negative patterns, pain, guilt, and fear.

If you take responsibility, you can, with the help of Hooponopono, heal your life, fill it with love and joy.

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