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Vladimir Dovgan: biography

The nineties of the last century – a favorable period for businessmen and lovers of easy money. The people felt the change, was ready to believe in anything — which was what the latter-day descendants of Ostap Bender used. But units have passed the test of time. Vladimir Dovgan entered their number and managed to stay afloat – even if it had to change the vector of actions.

School psychological projects

Childhood and youth

Vladimir was born in the family of a railway driver Viktor Dovgan and his wife, saleswoman Raisa Solovieva. It happened on July 30, 1964 in the village of Yerofey Palych, Amur Region. The settlement is named after the Russian explorer Yerofey Khabarov-Svyatitsky.

Businessman Vladimir Dovgan

In school years, he attended the rowing rowing and canoeing section, and in 1980 he even received a degree as a candidate for the master of sports among juniors. Later, due to problems with high blood pressure, this idea was abandoned. To replace rowing came martial arts, in which Vladimir seriously succeeded.

After graduation, the Dovgan family moved to Krasnodar. Enrolling in absentia at Togliatti State University (then Polytechnic Institute), Vladimir got a job working first as an assistant to a master and then as a foreman at the AvtoVAZ plant located in Tolyatti. In 1989, Vladimir graduated from high school.

Vladimir Dovgan practiced karate

At the same time, Dougan decided to open a section of martial arts – good, the skills already existed. Having achieved positive results in this field, Vladimir even publishes a manual describing the technique of conducting martial arts.

The money obtained for keeping the section and selling the book went to launch in 1990 of the first project of Dovgan – the cooperative "Plandham". Cooperative engaged in the manufacture and sale of chips. Following were launched the company "Doka-bread" and "Doka-pizza."

In 1994, Dovgan was listed as president of Doka Bread Joint Stock Company, but after three years he transferred a controlling stake in the company to the executive director.

Businessman Vladimir Dovgan

In 1995, Vladimir became the general director of the closed joint-stock company Dovgan, under whose auspices various products were produced – from vodka (on the label of which there were photos of Vladimir himself, as well as his grandfather), beer and tobacco to cereals, chocolate and cosmetics.

By the way, for selling his products, Dovgan did not disdain to use psychological tricks – which are worth only the “Dovgan Medicinal Cigarettes”, the healing properties of which consisted only in the labels, allowing you to visually monitor the amount of the cigarette. However, already in 1996, Vladimir spoke with the advertising company Dovgan – Protected Quality.

Vodka Vladimir Dovgan "Dovgan"

In 1997, the Plandham broke up, and in 1998, a severe economic crisis hit the country. The businessman stopped production under the Dougan brand. Instead, a new nominal project “Vladimir Dovgan” was launched, built on the type of network marketing, as well as the company DVV, engaged in tailoring.

Also in 1998, the political party “Russian Party Dovgan” was formed, the chairman of which was Vladimir himself. However, only two years later, Dougan lost interest in this idea and left politics, disbanding the party. At the same time, Vladimir, together with another businessman Alexander Konovalov, launched a new business – the manufacture and sale of Edelstar cosmetics.

In 1999, Vladimir withdrew from the shareholders of Dovgan Holding, taking up coaching and writing books. The Interros company, which gained control over Vladimir’s former business, announced that it was not going to pay the debts left by Dovgan.

Vladimir Dovgan conducts a master class

The work by the coach was quite satisfactory for Vladimir, however, the ambitions of the businessman began to speak, and Dovgan brought the coaching activity to a qualitatively new level, opening an organization called the Academy of Winners, which still functions today.

In 2007, Vladimir published two books – “I was a beggar — became rich” and “How to make the first million without starting capital.” Both editions caused a resonance in the reading environment, which led to the release of two more books next year – “The Code of Happiness” and “Bring Up Your Child to a Millionaire”.

Vladimir Dovgan and his book

The following books saw the light two years later. These editions were “Enough for donkeys to go to school” and “Protect the lives of your children from black stripes”. In 2011, Dovgan released another book – “New life in 7 days”. In the same year, Edelstar, a joint company with Konovalov, became part of Faberlik.

The following year, Vladimir Viktorovich released a book called "Jump into the icy water." In 2015, Dovgan participated in the filming of the documentary project “Millionaires 20 Years Later”, which also mentioned Artem Tarasov, Lev Tarasov, Alexander Salomadin and Sergey Guzin.

Personal life

Vladimir was married three times. There is no information about the first wife. We only know that from her Dovgan’s eldest daughter Christina. The second wife was Lydia Erokhina, who works as the rector of the Volga State University of Service. The couple had no children.

School psychological projects

Vladimir Dovgan and his wife Elena Letyagina

The third wife, with whom Vladimir lives to this day, was Elena Letyagina, who presented a second daughter to her businessman Elizabeth, as well as her son Alexander.

Vladimir Dovgan now

In 2017, the project of Dovgan “Winners Academy” occupied a key position in the market of organizations that teach personal growth, financial literacy and public speaking.

Vladimir Dovgan in 2017

The project has an official website where people can sign up for the course or purchase Vladimir’s books, including the new one, called “The Way of Winners”.

State assessment

Information about the state of a businessman in the public domain could not be found. There were guesses based on data from publications like Forbes. Rumors go different – from billions of dollars in offshore to complete bankruptcy. However, neither confirmation nor denial from the businessman has been reported.

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