Five Tibetan exercises

There is a very interesting legend about an ancient monastery, lost somewhere in Tibet, whose monks knew the secret of eternal youth and longevity. Despite the fabulous areola around this story, it is not without some certainty. In fact, there are 5 exercises of Tibetan monks who allegedly lived in this monastery, and they have already managed to collect a huge amount of the most positive and appreciative reviews. According to them, this unique gymnastics, which is called the “eye of rebirth,” improves health, heals a variety of diseases, and most importantly – prolongs the years of life and rejuvenates the body. What is the basis of the healing power of these Tibetan exercises on the human body?

Five Tibetan exercises

“Whirlwinds” and “chakras” of Tibetan gymnastics

For all those who doubt the magic rejuvenating power that the “eye of rebirth” gymnastics has, there is a logical explanation for this miracle. And it comes from the same Tibet. The local lamas claimed the following postulates about the human body, which underlie the rejuvenating exercises.

1. Everyone has within himself 7 energy centers, which are called either “whirlwinds” or “chakras”. They are powerful energy fields not visible to the eye.

2. Each of the 7 chakras concentrates on a specific endocrine gland and contributes to the production of hormones that regulate body functions, including aging.

3. The 1st chakra (lower) is responsible for the work of the reproductive glands.

4. The 2nd is concentrated on the work of the pancreas, in the abdominal cavity.

5. 3rd controls the functioning of the adrenal gland in the solar plexus area.

6. The 4th ensures the smooth functioning of the thymus gland (thymus) in the chest and in the region of the heart.

7. The 5th focuses on the thyroid gland in the cervical region.

8. 6th — on the pineal gland in the posterior regions of the brain.

9. The 7th (higher chakra) is concentrated on the pituitary gland in front of the brain.

10. In a healthy body, according to the Tibetan gymnastics “eye of rebirth”, each of these chakras rotates at high speed, thereby allowing the vital energy to be carried upwards through the endocrine system.

11. As soon as one or several chakras fade out, reduce speed, the flow of vital energy weakens, which provokes rapid aging and deterioration of health.

12. Accordingly, the surest and fastest way to restore health, youth, vitality is to force the whirlwinds to rotate again with a speed limit. To achieve this goal, Tibetan Lama gymnastics offers 5 exercises, which the monks themselves call rituals or rites.

Even a single exercise from this unique complex is very useful for healing and rejuvenating the body. If you do them all together regularly, respectively, their effectiveness will increase several times. If you want to understand more deeply the action of this unique gymnastics on the human body, you can find the book Ancient Source of Youth, the author of which Peter Kelder: “the eye of rebirth” owes its popularity to this literary and scientific masterpiece. What kind of exercise is recommended to perform, to always remain young and beautiful?

Tibetan Exercises: Technique

Learn the rituals that the “eye of rebirth” gymnastics offers for daily performance: the exercises are simple enough, so that everyone can master them.

First exercise

1. Stand straight, extend your arms horizontally.

2. Rotate from left to right (in the direction of movement of the hands of the clock) until the head starts to spin. For the first time, 3-4 spins are enough. With regular performance of this exercise, the number of revolutions around its axis should be increased to 21.

3. If you feel like sitting down or lying down with dizziness, be sure to do it.

Five Tibetan exercises

4. To keep your head from spinning for as long as possible, before doing this exercise, focus your eyes on a certain point in front of you. As soon as you start the rotation, try to keep her eyes on it as long as possible. Lost her – immediately turn your head and try to find her again.

5. Tibetan lamas believed that it was impossible to bring the exercise to fanaticism: the maximum number of spins that can be done is 21, but even then it is physically well-trained. For an ordinary person, 12-15 spins will be enough to activate the chakras.

Second exercise

1. Lie on your back face up. This exercise is best done on a thick rug or some padding.

2. Lying on your back straight, stretch your arms along your body, placing your palms on the floor with your fingers closed.

3. Raise your head from the floor, pressing your chin to your chest.

4. Having done this, raise the legs, without bending, to a vertical position.

5. If physical training allows, bring the legs to the head above the body, but continuing not to bend them at the knees. If you can not keep your legs in a strictly straight upright position, you can bend them as necessary. However, the subsequent exercise, you need to try to straighten them as much as possible.

6. Slowly lower your head.

7. Just slowly lower the legs, without bending the knees, on the floor.

8. Relax all muscles.

9. Repeat the exercise.

10. Each time, follow the respiratory rhythm: inhale deeply when lifting the legs and head, make a full exhalation when lowering the legs and head. Between repetitions while relaxing the muscles, follow the breath, without losing the rhythm. The deeper the breath, the better.

Third exercise

1. Kneel down, straighten the body.

2. Put your hands on your hips.

3. Bend your head and neck forward, pressing your chin to your chest.

4. As much as possible to throw the head back, at the same time leaning back, bending the spine. In this case, you need to rely on your hands on your hips.

5. Return to the original position, start the exercise again.

6. Follow the rhythm of breathing: arching in the back, take a deep breath. When returning to a straight position, exhale. Deep breathing is the most useful thing, so you need to take as much air as possible into your lungs.

Fourth exercise

1. Sit on the floor, stretching out your legs in front of you, pushing them apart by 30.5 cm.

2. The body should be straight, put your hands on the floor with your palms along the body.

3. Press chin to chest.

4. Maximum tilt your head back.

5. Raise your body so that your knees are bent, and your arms are straight, the torso should be placed in a straight line with your hips horizontal to the floor.

6. The arms and legs below the knees are perpendicular to the floor.

7. Strain every muscle.

8. When returning to the starting position, sitting muscles relax.

9. Relax before repeating the exercise.

10. Follow your breathing: take a deep breath when lifting your body. With the tension of the muscles hold your breath. Going down, do a full breath. During the rest, continue to breathe in the same rhythm.

Fifth exercise

1. Turn your face down to the floor.

2. The body is supported by the arms, the palms rest against the floor, the tips of the fingers are bent.

3. The arms and legs are straight, at a distance of 60 cm from each other.

4. The back is lowered, so that the torso is in a bent position.

5. Turn your head back as far as possible.

6. Bending the lower back, put the body in the position opposite to the letter “V”.

7. Press the chin to the chest.

8. Return to the original position.

9. You must try to descend from the top position to a point almost touching the floor. Strain the muscles in the extreme upper and in the lowest position.

10. Follow the same deep breathing as in previous exercises. Raising the body, take a deep breath, lowering it – a full exhalation.

These are the exercises offered by Tibetan monks 5 exercises: with a certain complexity, specificity, they are designed to heal and rejuvenate the body. If someone found the technique of execution incomprehensible, you can watch a special video “The Eye of the Revival of 5 Exercises Video”, in which trained people clearly show their implementation. Conquers a large number of positive reviews about this unique system. After reading it in theory, many people want to put it into practice. To make it as effective as possible, you need to adhere to certain recommendations.

Gymnastics Tips

It should be borne in mind that the gymnastics of the Tibetan lamas requires endurance, endurance and regularity. If you approach its implementation with full responsibility, the results will not take long to wait.

1. First, each exercise must be repeated only three times. Each subsequent week, the number doubles and eventually reaches 21.

2. Exercises can be done in the morning or in the evening, at any convenient time. Load can vary. For example, in the morning to do the total number of repetitions (21 times), in the evening – 3-6, gradually increasing the norm, until the number 21 is reached in the evening. Morning exercises with Tibetan lamas after good awakening, literally at dawn, give particularly good results.

3. Five exercises work in concert with each other. They are all equally important. However, under no circumstances can you over-exert. You need to gain strength gradually.

4. Does the “eye of rebirth” work only in the complex: 5 exercises are so strong that even if one of them is excluded, then with regular performance of the full number of other 4 exercises, excellent results will be achieved.

Those women who aim to live a long and happy life, remaining young and beautiful to their very old age, should definitely try this wonderful Tibetan gymnastics, which opens the chakras of the body. To resolve controversial issues and gain more confidence, be sure to check out the “eye of rebirth” video, which details the history and basic principles of gymnastics that descended from Tibet to us.

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